Clothing To Pack For March Trip

by Sue

What clothing to pack for March trip to Gold Coast and Heron Island in Queensland?

My teenage daughter, husband, and I are vacationing on the Gold Coast and Heron Island in March and I am wondering what sort of clothes to pack.

March on the Gold Coast is the first month of our Autumn.

You can expect temperatures to be on average between 19°C and 27°C which is 66°F to about 81°F. When I say between, the 19°C is the daily low, usually in the night time and the higher temperature is usually in the middle of the day towards the afternoon.

Obviously these are only averages and there can be variations. March traditionally has about 13% of the annual rainfall, so anticipate some rain.

Since you are visiting from USA - which I am guessing will just be starting to warm up from winter at the time you visit - you will probably find our temperatures pretty warm! The humidity will probably strike you, although for us, it is starting to drop from it's summer highs!

In March my family and I would usually wear shorts and light cotton clothing during the days and even the evenings. Open shoes or sandals or if you are planning walking around joggers or sturdy walking shoes. Swim suits, hats, sun glasses and suncream are also all necessities!

However, you may want slightly more formal clothing if you are planning on going to dinner in any good restaurants or visiting any shows. For men that would usually mean light weight trousers and a polo shirt or short sleeved shirt. Only the most formal of restaurants in the Gold Coast require ties - but you should check when you book.

I would highly recommend you pack an umbrella and/or a rain mac - those are my most trusty garments for travel anywhere! I would also make sure I had either a light jacket or jumper and a pair of longer pants just in case it is a little cool for a day or two. Layers - you just cannot go wrong with layers!

Heron Island is further north in Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef. It is and island about 70kms north east of Gladstone, which is where you generally fly to and then transfer to the island.

You may have heard about Cyclone Yasi that has just affected parts of northern Queensland just last week (early February 2011). Luckily, Heron Island is not affected at all by the cyclone and is fully open and operational.

For your travel to Heron Island (great spot by the way!) you will find it slightly warmer with the temperatures ranging between 23°C to 29°C on average which is 73°F to 84°F.

Heron Island is definitely a beach holiday destination, so light weight resort wear, shorts, swim suits etc are the way to go. They expect a bit of rain at that time of the year - but I think it is mostly tropical, by that I mean it will build to a storm and then rain in the evening or early morning.

March is a fabulous time to visit the Gold Coast and Queensland in general, I am sure that you will have a fantastic time. Maybe you can come back and let us know what you thought after your trip.

I hope that answers your question about what to pack for your trip to Gold Coast in March, if you have any more specific questions, leave them in the comments below and I will try to answer them too.

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