Crowds In August

by Dr. Amin B
(United Arab Emirates)

Does it get too crowded in August on the Gold Coast? Is August a high season?
Do we need warm clothes?

Great questions and totally understand why you would ask that. August is the last month of winter on the Gold Coast and has no local school holidays, so generally it is a fairly quiet month.

It is a popular month for visitors from your part of the world - to escape your heat I believe ;-)

Some of the local restaurants put on special menus (including Halal options) to make our visitors who require these options, feel more at home.

Even though it is popular, we are by no means crowded at this time of the year.

Relative to other parts of the world, what we think of as crowded is not at all what you would be used to if you have visited parts of Europe, USA or resort locations in the middle east.

During the middle of the month there are "Show Day Holidays" for Brisbane areas - intended for the locals to visit the Brisbane Show - EKKA.

However many of the locals head down mid week to the Gold Coast theme parks thinking they will be quiet... and those days can be busier.

The other busy time if it falls in August is the local Gold Coast Show Day weekend usually a Friday to Sunday at the end of August. Once again the theme parks can be busier on those days.

As I mentioned at the beginning, August is our last month of winter, however it is starting to warm up towards the end of the month.

I believe July is our coldest month, but on nice days even the locals go to the beaches!

Since you are escaping your heat, you may find it seems cooler and I think we are probably more humid than you would be used to, but not too humid at that time of the year.

During the day, if it is sunny you can wear light clothing, but if there is wind, then you might want to have an extra layer.

You'll need some warmer clothing - long pants, jumpers, long sleeves and jackets :

  • If the weather is cloudy or very windy

  • If you are going out on the water - whale watching is great at this time of the year
    and highly recommended

  • If you plan to go on a tour or drive up into the Gold Coast hinterland it is definitely a few degrees cooler up there and when the sun goes down it gets much colder very quickly.
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