Currumbin Sanctuary or Paradise Country Farm

Hi Annie,
My family (2 adults & 1 child, 5 yrs old) is going to Brisbane & Goldcoast next week.

If we only have 1 day to visit either Currumbin Sanctuary or Paradise Country Farm?

Which would your recommend? It's our child 1st trip to Australia.

It's a little bit tough to answer that one. I personally prefer Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary because there are more things to see and do that are related to our native Australian Wildlife.

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Paradise Country is great if you like the idea of farm animals Australian style - so sheep shearing and the like. There's also the opportunity to see Koala's and Kangaroos.

Currumbin on the other hand has lots of different animals you will only find in Australia and also puts on great bird and wildlife shows. Some of the animals you will see include crocodiles, koalas, echdinas, Tasmanian devils, Wombats, emus, kangaroos, sugar gliders and cassowaries.

I also LOVE that you can hand feed both kangaroos and emus here and the kids love it. Currumbin can be a half or whole day adventure, there is plenty to fill the whole day.

Paradise Country is really only a half day activity in my opinion.

You can see my bias, but it will depend for you whether your child will enjoy the farm style animals more than the local Australian wildlife.

Hope that was helpful, let me know if you have any other questions. :D

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