Diving in Australia in Mid March To Mid April

by Anastasija
(Bihskek, Kyrgyzstan)

I am planning to be in Australia in mid-March and mid-April. I love diving. Will it be worthwhile?

Diving in Australia in Mid March To Mid April - I am sure you will find diving spots in Australia during this time.

The main thing that affects how clear the water at that time of year is late season cyclones, which can affect the northern Australian dive areas such as Great Barrier Reef. Cyclones rarely come as low as Gold Coast, though we can be affected by big storms that churn up the water.

There is some diving on the Gold Coast, and there is also diving in Moreton Bay off Brisbane. Tangalooma is a great spot for this. You can stay there or visit for a day and dive on the Tangalooma wrecks.

If you want a really big dive experience, personally, I would be looking at the Great Barrier Reef for some awesome diving.

Some areas to look at in Northern Queensland would be Whitsundays, Lady Elliot Island, Cairns or Port Douglas. You can stay close to the reef or you can go on diving trips from the mainland resorts. You will need to check this out.

There are probably lots of areas but I only know from our own experiences of diving which is limited. I have friends that live in the Whitsundays who love to dive so I am guessing it is pretty good there.

You will have to check each locality to see if there are any special times to dive. It is a great time of the year and I am sure you will find some great dive spots.

Let me know if know if you need more information by leaving a comment. Or if you find a good spot let me know.

Thanks and have fun! Cheers,

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