Does Gold Coast Get Marine Stingers in November

Does Gold Coast get marine stingers in November?

Do you have marine stingers on the Gold Coast in November?

The Gold Coast rarely gets any "nasties" in the water like marine stingers unlike the areas further north in Queensland.

When you go to the beach you should always swim between the red and yellow flags and in these areas you will find Marine conditions reports that will tell you information like the Current Sea Temperature; Current Temperature; High & Low Tide times; rips to look out for; and also any other things that might be bothersome in the water such as any jellies or blue bottles.

Usually, we only get things like that if there are winds that are pushing these marine creatures onto the coast - it is relatively unusual, so I have to say we don't even think about it much at all.

I had a very similar question about Can I swim in the Gold Coast in November? and you will find a bit more information over on that page.

I hope that answers your question, let me know if you have any more in the comments below, otherwise have a fantastic holiday in the Gold Coast in November - it's a great time of year to visit especially earlier in the month before schoolies!

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