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Surf Carnivals and Surf Life Saving

The importance of Lifesavers, Surf Carnivals and Swimming Between The Flags.

Surf Lifesaver Patrol Tower
Surf Lifesaver Patrol Tower in the Gold Coast

Beach Information Gold Coast

Surf lifesaving and beach safety are a huge part of Australian culture.

The surf lifesaver patrol towers are a visual icon along the highly popular Queensland beach areas.  

On the Gold Coast we are reminded of the importance of this mostly voluntary service almost every day.

Surf life savers save lives on our beaches every day

One winter I watched a swimmer get caught in a rip and was pulled nearly a 1000 metres along the beach.

The man didn't look like he was in much trouble, but when the surf patrol got him to shore they had to give him oxygen.

Meanwhile his anxious partner arrived to see him taken to hospital in an ambulance.  

I later learned he suffered a heart attack on the beach from the stress.  It can happen to anyone.

As a visitor to the Gold Coast, always SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS - yes I am shouting that one at you!

Always swim between the Surf life saver flagsThe surf life saver flags to swim between are the red and yellow ones like in this picture.  

In addition there are different coloured flags to give you an indication of the conditions in the water.

Know what the different flags mean.  If in doubt read the board or ask one of the surf lifesavers on Duty.

Each year in September the official surf lifesaving seaons starts.  What this means is:

  • More patrolled or flagged areas on the beaches
  • Sunday Nippers training
  • Surf Lifesaving Carnivals between the clubs

The newest recruits are called Nippers.  Most families who live by the coast encourage their children to learn the skills of the surf.  

These "surf-life-savers-in-training" practice their skills and drills and compete in inter club carnivals.  There are also State and National competitions held in January through to March each year.  

It is a very unique Australian experience to see these competitions on the beach.

Find Out More About Gold Coast Life Saving and Carnivals?

These open in a new window for your convenience.

Queensland Surf Life Saving website with full information about everything to do with Surf Life Saving.

Surf Carnivals - information on what you will see, link to the local calendar and also how to get involved.

Beach Safety Tips from Surf Life Saving Australia - great overview.  I highly recommend ALL visitors read this.


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