Family Holiday In Australia End March or End May

by Sachin
(New Delhi INDIA)

We are looking at a family holiday in Australia either end of March or end of May.

We are 2 couples with 4 children from 2 to 6 years from India.

We wish to travel to Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney for approx 15 days.

Want to enjoy beaches of Gold Coast with lots of water sports. We would prefer season which is warm (20C-30C) in Gold Coast and cooler in Sydney.

The options are 15-30 March 2011 or 20 May-5 June 2011.

We do not want to travel at a time when the touristry attractions are not fully functional.

Sachin Gupta
New Delhi INDIA

Quite a bit to cover! Okay. March is warmer than May/June in both Gold Coast and Sydney. Sydney is usually cooler than Gold Coast at both those times of the year. Sydney in general has lower humidity than Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding between the two times would be the weather and local school holidays.

In the Gold Coast March is Autumn, however, in my opinion, March is a brilliant month to visit as it is still warm but usually not the stifling heat.

You can find more specific details on the average temperatures and extremes for all months on my Gold Coast weather page. There is lots of information on that page so have a good read.

I have lived in Sydney and often visit Sydney during March or April, and the weather is usually cooler by a few degrees than Gold Coast and Brisbane. By May/June it is quite a bit crisper in Sydney as it is getting to winter. Here is some general information about the weather in Australia that you might find useful plus some useful links to weather websites.

School Holidays
The other main factor to consider is school holidays, that often has an influence on how busy the Gold Coast is. At the times you mention I cannot see any major clashes with school holidays. What this means is that in general the accommodation prices will be in off peak (less expensive) and the attractions are usually less busy.

In the Gold Coast, we really are a year round tourist venue, so most attractions run all year round. Occassionally, some of the rides in a theme park may be down for maintenance or refurbishment. You can check on the individual websites to find out more information, but to reassure you in all the time I have been on the Gold Coast and visiting it, I have never known that the Gold Coast theme parks are completely closed for more than one day!

In general, you are less likely to find too much out of commission in March, you may find some in May or June.

Deciding between March or May for a Gold Coast Holiday?
Obviously, I cannot guarantee that when you visit in either March or May that you will get the perfect conditions for that month, however, you should find March warmer than May. You are likely to be able to go on the beach in either month, however, March will be more summery.

I hope this information is helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have any other questions, or if you need something more specific, please email me through my contact form.

Look forward to hearing from you and what you decide.

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