Gold Coast Water Parks In July

by AC

Can you use Gold Coast water parks in July?

I would like to find out whether it would be warm enough to use Gold Coast water park during mid-July?

July on the Gold Coast in Australia is a winter month. The temperatures during the day are on average about 20°C or 70°F though it can get hotter than that on sunny days.

The two water parks in the Gold Coast are Wet n Wild at Oxenford and Whitewater World at Coomera (next to Dreamworld). Both these water theme parks are inland, which I find can sometimes be a bit warmer than the coastal areas as often it is not so windy there.

Both parks have been designed for year round fun. Wet n Wild changes a few of it's attractions to make them more "inviting" for the cooler days. And they heat up the water - YAY! Which is really nice!

My youngest daughter who gets cold very quickly could still enjoy Wet n Wild during the winter months. We would make sure we had plenty of towels and dry clothes for her, but the rest of us were usually fine.

If it is windy it can get a bit cool waiting for rides, but they often have protected areas to help keep you out of the wind.

I hope that answers your question, please comment below if you need to know anything else about the water parks at this time of year.

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