Gold Coast Weather in February

by Kathy
(Broken Hill NSW AU)

What will the Gold Coast Weather in February be like?

Me and my friends are heading up to the Gold Coast next month for a Music Festival, and I am wondering if we can look forward to some good sunny weather.

From what I can see on the net we will be out of luck?

The weather is a bit up the creek at the moment (January 2011)! The La Nina (more wet weather) pattern has certainly been making it wetter here and many other places.

The Gold Coast has had rain, but in general the flood mitigation is pretty good - though I don't know how much more it can take!

You can check out the latest weather on the Gold Coast and longer range forecasts or you can see what the usual weather patterns on the Gold Coast are like.

I am hoping the worst of this heavy rain will be over soon, but unfortunately I have no control and no crystal ball! I am sure you will have fun regardless. Which festival is it you are coming to?


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