How busy is the gold coast in the july school holidays?

How Busy Is Gold Coast in July School Holidays?
Just wondering how busy the gold coast gets during the July school holidays? In particular, how busy are the theme parks during the July school holiday? Thanks :)

Hi :),
I don’t really know how to answer that, other than to say that the Gold coast theme parks try to entice the locals to visit particularly at this quieter time of the year – but it is not as busy as the summer school holidays in my opinion.

I would say the weather on a day to day basis has most affect on how busy the parks are during July. Us locals usually stay away if the weather is bad, because we can pick another time to visit, but visitors will often put up with some rain or overcast conditions. Check out my rainy day activities pages, there are some hints and tips on visiting the theme parks on wet days and also alternative activities to do when it is raining on the Gold Coast.

I had a friend visit during July 2008 with her son and we went to Sea World together, it wasn’t too busy, the queues for most rides were quite reasonable as her son and my daughter went on rides pretty much straight away. From what I understand the other theme parks were quite similar during that same week. But of course that can be different depending upon the weather, and I remember it being a bit cooler.

I hope that helps answer your question, if you have any other comments or questions use the comments below.

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