Is It Likely To Rain In October On The Gold Coast?

by Melissa Cable

Hi there we want to go to Gold Coast in October maybe, when it is warm. We have 2 kids and want to enjoy the warm weather without rain. We’re from Perth,WA. Melissa

Hi Melissa,

These days it is hard to say that the weather won’t be wet! Who knows. Historical data for weather in October on the Gold Coast, shows that October is not the wettest month and on average around one third of the days are wet days.

However, there are still many things to do in the Gold Coast even when it is raining – I have written several pages on it for just those eventualities!

I haven’t been to Perth for years, but my recollection is that the weather is generally less humid there – so you will find that the main difference.

October is a good month to go to the Gold Coast, but you will need to plan around the A1GP event which is usually held between the 3rd and 4th weeks of the month. The A1GP replaced the Gold Coast Indy in 2009 onwards. The carnival usually runs for 4 days and it pretty much takes over Main Beach and Surfers Paradise. In the run up to the carnival, there are quite a few traffic changes, so getting around that area can be a bit frustrating. However, with kids you could choose to stay further down the coast and the only theme park it would affect would be Sea World – so a minor inconvenience.

School holidays for Queensland and NSW also fall during this month, but early on. If you avoid the school holidays and the A1GP, you may find some great bargain deals on accommodation and flights, and there are usually less people at the theme parks and other attractions during these off peak times. For more information to help you plan try my Gold Coast family holidays page.

If October doesn’t work out for you early November could also be an option, it is usually getting warmer by this stage, though likely to be a bit wetter. If you do pick November, avoid schoolies week!

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any more comments or questions, use the comment form below.

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