Is March A Dry Month In Gold Coast

by Angela

Is March A Dry Month In Gold Coast

When is not raining much in the Gold Coast?

Is March a good "dry" month to visit Queensland?

Is March a dry month in the Gold Coast and Queensland?

Officially, it is one of our wetter months, along with December, January and February. And historically on average it rains on 50% of the days. Having said that, I had to look up that data, because I don't really think of March as a wet month and that information surprised me a little. On the Gold Coast it can be sunny in one spot and raining all day in another, so maybe because the data comes from all 4 weather stations in the Gold Coast there is one part that is particularly rainy.

Historically, the driest months are July, August and September.

However, as you know crazy weather can prevail, so I cannot say it will be dry in a particular month, or rainy in another.

Personally, I love March and recommend it to my friends and family. It is not as hot as the Summer months, but still warm, the water is warm and you can enjoy all the activities in and around the water, even with small kids who may not tolerate cooler months.

I hope that was helpful, let me know if you need any more information or have any more questions by leaving a comment below.

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