Is September Good Time For Beaches and Theme Parks on Gold Coast

by Gaye
(Western Australia)

Is September a good time for beaches and theme parks on Gold Coast?

We'd like to visit Gold Coast with two boys (8 and 10 years) to enjoy the sun and go to all the theme parks and swim at the beach.

We'd like to go to all the theme parks, go swimming and build sand castles on the beach but what month is best to come? We were thinking of coming in September is this okay?

The weather! If I could predict it I would make a fortune! Of course with our crazy weather pattens of recent times nothing is given, but generally you can do all the things you mention between September and April/May.

Obviously, the closer to summer you come the warmer but also the more humid the weather is. Personally, I think that months like September and October can be great to visit along with March, April and May because it is cooler and therefore more pleasant at the theme parks which are mostly located a little inland and therefore get REALLY hot during those scorching sunshiny days!

I am assuming you will have to come during school holidays, which will make it a busier, but the busiest time is of course the summer holidays between December and January.

I hope that helps, if they choose September they should be able to do all that you mention.

Let me know if you have any more questions by leaving them in the comments area below.

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