Is Water Heated In Gold Coast Water Parks in June

by Tina
(Melbourne, Australia)

I have two questions:

Is the water heated in the Gold Coast water parks in June?

And, what type of clothes are required for Gold Coast water parks in the winter months?

There are two water parks in the Gold Coast, Wet n Wild and Whitewater World.

I only have personal experience in the winter at Wet n Wild, I have never been to Whitewater World in the winter.

Wet n Wild definitely heat their water on their rides during winter! I am a real softy and there is no way I would have been there during the winter otherwise!

They even change one of their attractions from the Whirlpool to Whirlpool Springs which is a series of Jacuzzis - it is where you will find me during the winter!

Whitewater World state on their website that:

WhiteWater World's rides, slides and pools are heated during winter. Wind structures have been included on all ride queues providing extra comfort for guests.

So to answer your question, both Gold Coast water parks Wet n Wild and Whitewater World heat their water during winter.

For me, the real tip is to try to pick a day when it isn't too windy, as the wind chill when you get out of the water can make you feel much colder.

As for clothing, you need to be sensible about the clothing you wear. Most people in Australia wear the quick dry board shorts and rash tops. This is good both winter and summer as in the summer you get sun protection and in the winter you get some wind protection.

Obviously you cannot ride on the water rides in jeans and normal clothes, and no footwear, but take thongs, crocs or other easy to walk in and good in water shoes that you can leave at the ride entrance.

It sort of goes without saying that these water parks are family attractions, so you need to wear clothes that aren't revealing either.

Our family wears the quick dry boardshorts over our swimming costumes and a rash top, thongs for walking around and a thick beach towel or two to dry off in between. Also, a fleecy top and tracksuit pants are great to throw on if it gets a little cold and to go home in.

I hope that helps answer your question, if you have any more please feel free to leave comments below and I will try to answer.


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