Jelly Fish on Gold Coast in January

by Marie
(Melbourne, VIC)

Are there jelly fish on Gold Coast in January?

We are coming back to lovely Surfers Paradise in January and I know it's high season at that time. We have never been there in high season before.

Can you swim at the beaches or are there stingy jelly fish and stuff in the water?

How hot is it normally in January in Surfers?

We are staying at Chevron so we will be smack, bang in the middle of everything. We won't be doing too much of the theme parks this time except maybe Wet'n Wild but what other activities can be found that are not super crowded in January?

A couple of questions to answer! I have laid them out to make sure I cover them all. Here goes...

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Can you swim at the beaches in the Gold Coast in January or are there stingy jelly fish and stuff in the water?

Unlike further north in Queensland the Gold Coast does not have a specific jelly fish season. This is one of the things that makes it such a great destination, you really don't have to worry about that.

However.... occasionally we do get marine stingers or blue bottles blowing onto the beaches, or other stingy stuff. Generally that is dependent on the conditions and the wind direction.

When you go to the beach, if you check out the information boards in the flagged areas on Gold Coast beaches there will be information regarding water conditions including any cautions or information about stingy stuff in the water. From memory (and I cannot remember exactly which month it was) last year the beaches were closed for a day or so due to blue bottles however it is quite rare and the lifesavers let you know - I seem to remember it was not exactly nice beach weather anyway as the wind was howling onshore!

When you walk along the beach you can usually see the odd blue bottle washed up, it is like anywhere, just a bit of caution. We make a point of pointing them out to our kids, so they are aware they are around and we always swim between the flags.

How hot is it normally in January in Surfers?

January in Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast in general is a hot and humid month. Usually the temperatures get up to high 20s and early to mid 30s centigradelate 20°s C and mid 30°s Celsius (or Centigrade) which is around 80° to 95° Fahrenheit. It is rare to get the temperatures on the Gold Coast up to the 40°C's or 105°F and above. Other parts of Australia further south or inland can get higher, however, it is the humidity that seems to make a difference.

Having lived through 40deg;C plus heatwaves in Sydney and Melbourne, which I found debilitating, the heat is quite different in the Gold Coast. The temperatures don't go so high, but the humidity can really tire you out. That is why I recommend accommodation with air conditioning, because not sleeping due to the heat and humidity can be pretty miserable!

In January, we do get tropical storms, hence the humidity. So during the day the clouds build up and then if you are lucky the storm releases the tension and drops the humidity in the late afternoon or evening.

The weather so perfectly leads into what you can do in Surfers Paradise during January....

What other activities can be found that are not super crowded in January?

January is in the peak season in the Gold Coast. Until the local school children start to go back to school at the end of the month, the whole Gold Coast is pretty throbbing with people enjoying their summer holidays.

There are just so many things to do in the Gold Coast, it is almost too much to really try to get your head around.

Because of the heat, it is great to go to the water theme parks like Wet n wild or Whitewater World. If you need to get away from the heat and get into air conditioned activity, there are quite a few indoor attractions around Surfers Paradise where you can hide from the heat (or rain) for a while!

The Gold Coast theme parks seem to be the busiest places.

As I said, everywhere will be busy, but activities and attractions that are a little less mainstream will generally be quieter, such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary or Tropical Fruit World (one of my faves).

So if you are like me and don't like crowds those are the sort of things I like to do.

I hope that gives you a small taster for what you can do in the Gold Coast in January. If you have any more questions or want any more suggestions please leave a comment below or use the contact form to contact me directly.

Have a great trip and we would love to hear how you went and what you enjoyed after your trip.


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