Jellyfish in Gold Coast in December

by Patricia
(Auckland, NZ)

Are there jellyfish in Gold Coast in December?

Can you swim in the sea on the Gold Coast during December?

If kids want to swim in the beach, will there be many jellyfish around?

Thanks for the question, I do get asked about jellyfish off the Gold Coast quite often.

The short answer is: No you don't need to be worried about jellyfish in December on the Gold Coast (or any month in fact).

I will add though, that we do occassionally get jellyfish, marine stingers or blue bottles from time to time. People get worried about the jellies and stingers because of what they hear about Northern Queensland.

The Gold Coast is out of the general range for the really nasty box jellyfish (very large jellyfish) and irukandji jellyfish (extremely small and really venomous) which are found in the summer months in the warmer waters of far north Queensland. It is extremely unlikely that you would have a problem with these off the Gold Coast, unless there was some unusual current or weather pattern that blew them down from the north.

The key is to always swim between the flags on the beach because the surf life savers do not just look out for dangerous rips, they are looking for all marine dangers. In the middle of the flagged area on the beach there is a sign that tells you about the sea conditions. They will also note if there are any marine creatures to look out for.

Here is some more information about jellyfish, which I wrote when asked a similar question about jellyfish on the Gold Coast in January.

I hope that answers your question, but if you have any more please leave a comment below, and don't forget to tell me if this was useful ;-)

Enjoy your family holiday in December and don't worry about not being able to get in the lovely water to enjoy it...


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