Scuba Diving In January in Gold Coast Australia

by Crystal

Can you go Scuba Diving in January in Gold Coast Australia?

Most definitely you can scuba dive in January on the Gold Coast and in fact just about anywhere in Australia.

January is a summer month in Australia. In the Gold Coast the water temperatures are quite warm on average warmer than 22°C plus (71°F plus).

In addition, unlike Queensland destinations further north like Cairns and Port Douglas, we do not suffer from the box jellyfish nor marine stingers, so you can dive in our waters year round without having to take those precautions.

There are some great places to scuba dive around the Gold Coast and Queensland.

Here are some options for the Gold Coast area:
I hope that answers your question, you most certainly can scuba dive in January on the Gold Coast and around most of Australia and Queensland too.

If you have any more questions relating to scuba diving, please leave in the comments below.

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