Sunrise and Sunset Times in February

Looking for sunrise and sunset times in February on Gold Coast.

What are the times for sunrise and sunset at this time of the year?

Also, I am looking for the weather forecast for mid February


The time the sun rises and sets on the Gold Coast (as with other places) changes throughout the year. On average the sun rises at approximately 5.30am at this time of the year and sets at around 6.30pm. I have given you some extra information below so you can see the variances during the month.

At the beginning of February the sun will rise about 5.20am in the Gold Coast and sunset will be around 6.40pm in the evening.

By mid February sunrise on Gold Coast will be around 5.30am and sunset around 6.30pm.

By end of February the time the sun rises on the Gold Coast will be about 5.40am and sunset time will be about 6.20pm.

As for a long range weather forecast for the Gold Coast - I will leave that to the professionals!

However, you can find out general weather and other useful information about February on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast weather patterns or current weather and forecasts for Gold Coast

I hope that answers your question or at least gives you some options to find the answers, especially nearer to the dates of your travel. Unfortunately, because the weather is so unpredictable I cannot tell you what kind of weather you will during your visit, but the information should help you prepare and pack for your trip accordingly.


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