Surfers Paradise Weather in October

by Carla Italiano

What's the Surfers Paradise weather like in October?

I was thinking of going at the end of October. Is that hot enough to spend time in the water and get a tan?

Annie answers

In general, it is really quite warm by the end of October. Gold Coast is usually warmer and more humid than Sydney at that time of the year.

Obviously, I cannot guarantee you sunny days for sunbaking, there may well be rain. When the sun shines you will more than likely need to put on plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin.

The sea temperatures have usually heated up a bit by then too, so you can go for a dip and it will almost certainly be warmer than the ocean in Sydney.

If you are staying in a hotel or apartment with a pool, the things to look out for are where the pool is overshadowed by the tall buildings. A really good way to check this out is using the satellite feature on Google Maps. On my pages about Surfers Paradise Accommodation I have used maps whereever I can for that very reason. It is really useful ;-).

If you want some information about the sorts of temperatures and weather you can expect check out: Gold Coast in October and Gold Coast weather or Forecasts and Current Weather in Gold Coast closer to the time.

Important Consideration For Visiting Surfers Paradise in Late October
There is one other thing to consider when planning to visit Surfers during late October and that is that the Surfers Paradise Gold Coast 600 V8 motorsport event (used to be the Gold Coast Indy) is on around a weekend later in October.

It is not right at the end of October, but usually somewhere around the 20th to 25th for 3 days. If you are a motorsport fan, then obviously a GREAT time to visit. If not, you will find the accommodation in and around Surfers Paradise is significantly more expensive than a week or so either side! Just a thought if you are still in the planning stage.

You can find the latest dates on the event calendars.

Gold Coast Events Information Year to Year

* Events may be cancelled or rescheduled at anytime for any reason.
It is highly recommend you check dates with the event organizer before booking your trip.

Guide to Gold Coast Events

Phew! I think that just about covers it, if you have an more questions, please add a comment below and I will try to answer for you. Hope that helps.

Enjoy your holiday and do check back in and let me know how it all went.

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