Swim With Dolphins on Gold Coast

by Joy

Swim with Dolphins on Gold Coast and Dates for Schoolies

Can you please tell me the dates Schoolies start?

And also can you swim with dolphins and if so, how much?

Thanks, Joy.

Firstly, let's deal with schoolies! Gold Coast Schoolies starts on Saturday 19 November 2012 this year and the official Queensland schoolies week runs through to the following Saturday. There will be schoolies around after that from the other states, but that is the official week as far as I know.

Swimming with dolphins on the Gold Coast. I am not aware of any specific swimming with wild dolphins on the Gold Coast however, you can take part in various dolphin activities at Sea World. The prices from what I can tell range from around $140 to $499 per adult depending upon which adventure you choose. You will need to contact Sea World direction through their 132 FUN line to book and get more details.

I hope that was helpful, have fun your your holiday in the Gold Coast, and let me know if you have any more questions by leaving a comment below.

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