Swim with the Dolphins in July at Seaworld

by Christina

Can I swim with the dolphins in July at Seaworld?

How much is it and what is the number i can call to book?

At Sea World on the Gold Coast they offer Animal Adventures. There is not an actual "swim with the dolphins" option however there are two opportunities to get up close and personal with the dolphins at Sea World.

The Dolphin Aqua Adventure and the Trainer For a Day program.

The Dolphin Aqua Adventure, from what I have seen, is fairly tame, there is certainly no swimming with the dolphins, but you do spend up to 20 minutes in the water with the dolphins up to about chest height in water. These run virtually every day of the week but you need to book ahead.

The Trainer for a Day program lasts about 4½ hours and runs on Wednesdays only for a maximum of 6 people. It also includes the in water time with the dolphins as above, but you get to do a whole lot more and see alot more of Sea World behind the scenes and with other animals. As there are only 6 spots you definitely need to book ahead.

As for getting in the water with the dolphins in July, these programs are run all year round. You wear a wetsuit which they provide for you. No problems there!

Dophin Aqua Adventure costs roughly $225 whilst the Trainer for the day is about $300. These are 2010 prices.

Both can be booked through the Animal Adventures Section of the My Fun website, or by calling their booking number 133 386. Booking fees apply even though you are dealing directly with Sea World - don't ask me why, you would have thought they would have built that into their prices!

I hope that helps, and when you go, why not come back and tell us all about it, I'd love to hear.

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