Temperatures in Gold Coast, Sydney And Melbourne in January

by Rajnikant Worah
(Ahmedabad India)

What will be the temperatures in Gold Coast, Sydney And Melbourne in January

We are senior citizens (68 years) we like temperatures around 15°C.

Would January be right time of year to visit Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast?

Please advise about places to visit and hotels as well as flight bookings.

A lot to answer, but I will try! Firstly, January is our summer in Australia, so it does get very hot in the three cities you mention. Whilst the Gold Coast is hot and humid at that time of the year the temperatures get up to late 20°s C and early 30°s Celsius (or Centigrade) which is around 85° Fahrenheit, and rarely falls much below 20°C or around 70°F.

Sydney and Melbourne are less humid, but they can have temperatures into the late 30°s and early 40°s Celsius which is around 100+°F.

From what you say you prefer, I think this would not be a good choice of month to visit Australia.

I always encourage my parents to visit Australia anytime from March through to October - but if you like the cooler temperatures then I would further suggest narrowing it down to between May and September.

I cannot suggest exact flights for many reasons, but I will say you are best to fly directly into either Melbourne or Sydney and get a side trip to Gold Coast.

Here are a few ways you could structure your trip:
  • Fly from India to Sydney. Fly Sydney to Gold Coast, Gold Coast to Melbourne and either fly out of Melbourne to India, or fly back to Sydney and then Sydney to India.

  • Fly from India to Melbourne, Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Gold Coast and then fly back to Melbourne and return to India.
Don't forget you will need an Australian Tourist Visa.

There are many options for hotels! It is going to depend on what you like, what your budget is and when you are visiting.

As for things to see and do around Australia? I have put together a few ideas of some of the main attractions around Australia have a look at those and then you can get an idea of some of the things to see and do.

I am sorry I cannot be more specific, I hope that has helped, however, if you have any other questions please contact me via my email.

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