The Big Apple

by Keira

The big apple - it is just so cool and massive so it makes it amusing.

I wasn't sure which of the Australian Big Apple's you were referring to, so I did a bit of a search.

The closest one to the Gold Coast is in the Stanthorpe area - see Thulimbah below.

There are several Big Apples in Australia, usually they are close to major highways so passing visitors will spot them and come for a look. Often they are beacons for local produce, so all the examples below are in areas of Australia where apples are grown.

  • Big Apple in Batlow NSW -high in the mountains one of the most famous apple growing areas of NSW

  • Big Apple in Yerrinbool NSW, on the Hume Highway between Berrima and Bargo.

  • Big Apple in Spreyton Tasmania. A small town just south of Devonport.

  • Big Apple in Thulimbah near Stanthorpe in the Southern Downs of Queensland, near the NSW border. This is a major apple growing region in Qld.

  • Big Apple in Bacchus Marsh Victoria - to the west of Melbourne.

  • Big Apple in Donnybrook Western Australia also known as the apple capital of south west WA. South east of Bunbury.

Leave a comment below as to which particular one you are referring to and if you have any funny story or comment about any one of those other ones.

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