Is coming to Gold Coast in october a good month to visit?

by Madhumika

Is it good time to visit GoldCoast in October?

October can be a great month to visit the Gold Coast. The weather is getting warmer and there is lots to do and see.

In October there are some school holidays in the early part of the month, so it can be busy and accommodation needs to be booked to ensure you get what you want.

Later in October (23 to 26 October 2008) there is the Nikon Indy 300 which takes over Main Beach and Surfers Paradise.

Visiting the Gold Coast during Indy isn't a show stopper, unless you really want to stay in or near Surfers or want to go to Sea World. During Indy week you will find most accommodation is booked out ahead of time and the rates are high at this time.

Unless you want to see the Indy, I would probably suggest you avoid that week, especially if you have younger children.

In general, I love October as the weather is warmer and you can enjoy all that the Gold Coast has to offer.

In October you can also still see the whales and there is a much higher chance of seeing the mothers and calves at this time.

With a bit of planning around the holidays I personally think that October can be a great month to visit the Gold Coast.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions just use the comments box or you can contact me directly through my contact form.

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