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Whale Watching Review - Tall Ship Whale Watch

Some local English friends picked Whale Watching by Tall Ship cruise because they weren't confident going on boats!

1300 Whales Catamaran at Marina Mirage.

MV2000 Catamaran Part of the
Tall Ship Fleet. Berthed at Marina Mirage.
It certainly stands out as a very big boat!

They are from the UK so I can understand that!  I was pretty unused to going on boats until I came to Australia!

They did their research on the different options for whale watching and picked this tour...

because it was the largest whale watching boat in the marina!

This tour is also known as 1300 WHALES or Whale Watching Gold Coast by Tall Ship or Whale Watching from Main Beach. Tall Ship also offer a range of cruises including to their island hideaway on South Stradbroke Island.

Tall Ship Whale Watch Cruise Review

Tall Ship's whale watch is also known as 1300 Whales, Whale Watching Gold Coast or Whale Watching From Main Beach.

Tall Ship have a fleet of sailing boats and catamarans and offer a range of cruises and trips to their exclusive island hideaway at McLaren's Landing on South Stradbroke Island.

Their whale watching trip was during the June/July school holidays - so it was pretty early in the season with whales only going north.

Needless to say, there were whales to see, they saw them and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. Overall, it was a smooth and comfortable trip.

That said, they were glad they hadn't eaten a full breakfast before they left! And were equally thankful it was only a couple of hours on the water!

They had never seen anything like the majestic and enormous humpback whales and were totally blown away by the whole experience.

Were they glad they had put their apprehension behind them to go on the boat?

Talking to them about the trip and seeing their faces light up when they talked about what they saw, pretty much says it all! It was definitely an experience they will cherish in their memories for the rest of their lives and they are certainly glad they did not miss it.

Their parting comment to me was that is was:

great value for such an incredible experience

I cannot agree more! If you want more information about Tall Ship whale watching you can book cruises or whole day adventures online or whale watching cruises in season for an experience of a lifetime!

Current Top Options Whale Watching In Gold Coast

Here's a selection of the best current deals at the moment for the whale watching in Gold Coast. Please check here for all whale watching options including Coolangatta option for those staying in southern Gold Coast.

  • Sea World and Sea World Whale Watch Special Deal

    Sea World + Whales

    This deal is ALWAYS POPULAR because it offers fantastic value if you want to visit Sea World theme park and go on a whale watching cruise.

    There are some special terms regarding the Sea World visit, so make sure to click more info and read on...

    Sea World Whale Watch
    & Sea World Entry Combo
    Great Value for Visitors

    $178.00 $110.00
    Child (3-13)
    $141.00   $90.00
    Family (2A 2C)
    $561.00 $350.00


    Sea World Whale Watch & Sea World Entry Combo

    Sea World Whale Watch Season Options

    Sea World Whale Watching Cruise
    PLUS Entry to Sea World Gold Coast theme park*

    This popular deal is particularly good if you only want to visit Sea World (and not Movie World).

    If you want to visit both these theme parks, there may be better options for you by getting a combination theme park pass, and then looking at either just the Sea World Whale Watching or else choosing one of the other great value Whale Watching options.

    Sea World Whale Watch is a popular option, because it is easily recognisable, it has a large boat and is backed by the professionalism of Sea World.

    * This deal requires you to be quite organised with your holiday itinerary because of the terms surrounding the Sea World Entry. You have to pick up your Sea World Entry ticket at the cruise terminal AND may only use it on the day before your cruise, the day of your cruise or up to 2 days immediately following your cruise.

    Sea World Whale Watch Cruises are now available in the morning from 10am to 12.30pm or afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.

    In order to get the most value out of this amazing combination deal, I recommend you book your Sea World Whale Watch cruise early in your holiday and plan to go to Sea World theme park either the day before your cruise or on one of the two days the following your cruise. This allows you to have a full day at Sea World.

    However, if you have a short holiday and not much time, you can do the morning cruise and then have the afternoon from 12.30pm through to 5pm at Sea World. Or go to the theme park in the morning and then go on the cruise at 2pm.

    You will need to arrange transfers to get to the Sea World Cruise Terminal - which is in the car park of Sea World. You can use the standard Sea World theme park transfer for the morning cruise.

    This season there are two cruises daily. The morning cruise departs around 10am returning around 12.30pm. The afternoon cruise departs around 2pm returning around 4.30pm. All cruises are dependent upon weather conditions, which is why I always recommend you plan your itinerary for your holiday beforehand and book in your cruise early in the vacation, in case it has to be rescheduled. It would be terrible to miss out on seeing the whales.

    Sea World offers the following guarantee: 'Guaranteed sightings or full refund will be provided except during the months of May and November'

    Sea World + Whale Watching Cruise
    Adult $110
    $178 SAVE $68 per adult

    Child (3-13 years) $90
    $141 SAVE $51 per child

    Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $350
    $561 SAVE $211 per family

    Sea World Whale Watch PLUS Sea World Entry

    More Sea World Options

    Sea World Whale Watching Cruise
    Adult $99
    Child (3-13 years) $79
    Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $300

    Sea World Whale Watch

    Outstanding Value - no credit card or booking fees. Print your own vouchers. Mobile Vouchers Accepted.

  • Whale Watching From Surfers Paradise Great Season Opening Deal

    Surfers Paradise Whale Watching

    These cruises go from the heart of Surfers Paradise, so you don't need transfers! Departs 4 times per day - two in the morning morning, a midday and an afternoon departure.

    Click for more info or BOOK NOW...

    Surfers Paradise Whale Watching
    3½ hours inc. Canal Cruise
    Great Value & Options for Visitors

    Child (4-14)
    Family (2A 2C)


    Surfers Paradise Whale Watch

    Whales in Paradise Cruising

    Surfers Paradise Whale Watching Cruises
    4 Cruises Per Day For Great Flexibility

    This is the only whale watching cruise that leaves from the centre of Surfers Paradise.

    If you are staying in Surfers, Broadbeach, Main Beach or even Southport, you can either walk (Surfers Paradise only) or take the new G:Link or a bus to this cruise. No need to use an attraction transfer for this one!

    If you need to drive, you can easily park across the road, under Circle on Cavill or Chevron Renaissance. Parking charges will apply.

    There are a couple of great advantages for this whale watch including the convenience of the departure location, a bonus canal cruise to see the houses of the rich and famous from the Gold Coast before you head out to see the whales and the flexibility to choose one of 4 daily cruises to see the whales.

    Cruises are just over 3 hours and depart at 8.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm daily. You need to be checked in at least 20 minutes before departure.

    This whale watching company offers the following guarantee: 'Guaranteed whale sightings or free return cruise.'

    All cruises are dependent upon weather conditions, which is why I always recommend you plan your itinerary for your holiday beforehand.

    Book your cruise before you arrive in Gold Coast and make sure it is early in the vacation.

    This is in case it has to be rescheduled due to weather conditions - it would be terrible to miss out on seeing the whales.

    BE QUICK. Click for more info or BOOK NOW

    Whale Watching from Surfers Paradise
    Adult $99
    Child (4-14 years) $69
    Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $267


    Outstanding Value - no credit card or booking fees. Print your own or use mobile vouchers.

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