Attractions For 60 Year Old and 5 Year Old

by Nan

Best Gold Coast attractions for 60 year old and 5 year old?

Which is the best area in the Gold Coast to visit with attractions suitable for a 5 year and a 60 year old?

You will be glad to know that there are several places I think are fantastic on the Gold Coast that will keep a 5 year old entertained whilst not being too boring or difficult for a more mature adult who is accompanying them. I often see grandparents out and about the Gold Coast with their grandchildren so it is a great and useful question.

Now to the answers!

If you don't mind walking Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a fantastic spot for young and old. There is a train that will take you around and stop at some of the main areas - but if you want to see all of Currumbin you will have to be prepared to do a bit of walking. The birds and crocodiles and other animals are on the side of the hill, but you can see lots of Currumbin without having to do too much strenous walking.

My personal order of preference when answering the question about the Gold Coast theme parks would have to be:

  1. SeaWorld

  2. DreamWorld

  3. MovieWorld

  4. Wet n Wild

  5. Whitewater World
I will explain why I say this order.

Firstly Wet n Wild and Whitewater World are the water parks and unless both the younger and older participants are both competent and loving or water this isn't going to be the best of experiences. I used to find it difficult keeping up with my kids when they were young in the water parks as they have the attention span of a flea and I was forever paranoid I was going to lose them! Unless you are highly active, probably wouldn't suggest the water parks.

Sea World On The Gold Coast

Sea World in my opinion has the best options for everyone - nothing too extreme. The shows keep everyone entertained (and an opportunity to sit whilst someone keeps the little one entertained!).

There is the monorail, train ride and the gondolas to get you around the park.

SeaWorld is pretty flat, so if you plan your visit around the shows you can make it easy on both younger and older visitors.

Planning is the key though otherwise you can find yourself walking from one end of Sea World to the other to make sure you one wants!

Sea World has lots of animals to watch and interactive touch pools which everyone can enjoy.

Definitely my top pick. Check out more about SeaWorld...


Dreamworld is similar in many ways, but the shows are more stand and watch shows rather than seating and the Dreamworld site is not as flat as Sea World.

Dreamworld has a couple of areas which are best for the younger kids in terms of rides, Kids Central and The Wiggles World Area.

In addition there's the Dreamworks area which includes characters from the Kung Fu Panda & Shrek movies. Visually these areas are great for the little kids, and there are some things for them, but some of the rides are not appropriate for smaller children.

Personally, I find these are much more interesting for the kids than me - whereas at SeaWorld there is a much more universal appeal in my opinion.

Because it is so much more rides based at DreamWorld, I always feel there is a lot of waiting in queues. Once we had to queue for an hour for the Wiggles Big Red Car ride! And trying to persuade a 5 year old that the waiting wasn't worth it... not going to happen!

More about DreamWorld

Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast

MovieWorld is sort of between DreamWorld and Sea World in terms of child friendly, but many of the big rides they hear about have height limitations or may not be suitable for younger children.

The shows are great and you get to sit down, but may or may not hold your 5 year old captive whilst you wait for the show to begin.

And they have the character parade which the kids love, plus roving characters to interact with.

Other Child Friendly Ideas

There are other places to go such as indoor playgrounds or one of our family favourites putt putt golf!

I hope that gives you some ideas, if you have any more questions or want any more suggestions please leave a comment below or use the contact form to contact me directly.

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