Australian Weather in September

by Pon Kar Mun

I am interested in Australian weather in September.

I would like to know what sort of weather I can expect in both Melbourne and Brisbane in September?

Is it likely to be cold? Might it rain?

What sort of clothes will I need? Will I need a thick jacket?

I will have to deal with the weather in these two cities in Australia separately, as they are very different.

Firstly, Melbourne is renowned for having 4 seasons in one day. So you really need to be prepared. Since you are coming from Malaysia, you will most likely find it much cooler than Malaysia and much lower humidity. When it is cold it is a crisp dry cold, which is different from what you are used to.

September is coming into spring. When I lived in Melbourne, September could be glorious with warm sunny days, but it can also still be quite cold. Just a couple of hours drive from Melbourne are the Victoria Snowfields and September is still ski season, so when the wind blows from the snow - BRRRR it can be cold!

If you come later in September it will most likely be warmer than the beginning of the month, but believe me it can be cold. My parents came to visit us once in Melbourne in December - the height of summer - and I have photos of my dad wearing a jumper! Yet the year before we were sweltering in 40°C plus temperatures. The weather is definitely a bit difficult to predict in Melbourne!

I would recommend you come prepared for the colder temperatures and bring an umbrella or a rain mac just in case for the rain! Although, from memory, it probably isn't the rainiest month!

Brisbane is 2 hours by plane and almost 1700kms from Melbourne (further north and closer to the Equator). You will find it much more humid relative to Melbourne, though probably not as humid as you are used to and usually warmer than Melbourne.

During September in Brisbane, the weather can be fabulous. It is currently mid August and we are having clear blue skies with warm sunny days up in the mid 20°Cs. You can generally expect the weather to be warmer than Melbourne and it doesn't get so cool overnight. You may get some rain and sometimes September can be a bit windy.

For the Gold Coast, you can find out more about what the weather is like in Gold Coast in mid-September? You will find some tips about what to pack and expect for the Gold Coast, this will be similar to Brisbane as they are only 70kms apart.

Since you are seeing such distant places, you will need to pack for both warm and cold weather and be prepared for rain - always better to be prepared!

You can check out the current weather on the Gold Coast and also use this same tool to check weather in other parts of Australia. The forecasts are not too bad and give you a picture of what you can expect.

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PS:: Since you are visiting in September, the humpback whale watching is still on at this time of the year - you can take tours from Gold Coast or Brisbane.

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