Best Time of Year To Travel To Perth

What is the best time of year to travel to Perth, Australia?

I am looking to travel to both Perth and eastern Australia. When is the better time – Summer or Fall?

I will start by saying I am not an expert on Perth, I have been there – I spent 6 weeks there from late February to early April and I have to say that was a fabulous time. It was warm and mostly sunny though we did have some rain. Summer time in Australia is December, January and February and Fall (Autumn) is March, April and May – opposite to northern hemisphere!

When I see the weather forecast for Perth it always seems warm! Even in winter!

My overall impression is there is no bad time to visit Perth and that there are things to be enjoyed there year round. I would however always suggest that you check out the school holidays and when they occur, especially the Western Australian ones as they would be times when accommodation is generally more expensive and the tourist areas, beaches and attractions would be busy. The biggest and longest holidays in Australia are in our summertime and go from approximately mid December through to either late January or early February, depending upon each State’s holidays schedule.

Pretty much the same criteria goes for other parts of Australia and the east coast of Australia has very different weather from north to south – it is a long coast line! Further north in Queensland, it is hot, humid and stormy during summer. As you go further south it gets less humid, but the temperatures can soar much higher. If I was planning a trip to Australia, I would try to avoid our school holiday times – no point fighting with the masses!

If you have specific questions about the places in eastern Australia you are planning to visit, either contact me personally, using my contact form, or leave a comment below and I will try to answer for you.

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