Eating Out With Kids Whilst on Holiday

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Holidaying and Eating Out with Kids

I’m Jane. I became a parent 3 and a half years ago. Over time, by trial and error I have discovered a few tips and tricks to help when you want to eat out with kids. I live in Brisbane and visit other places in south east Queensland including the Gold Coast.

Finding good places to eat out with children doesn’t have to entail putting up. Parents have rights! We deserve to be able to eat good food, with good company, in family friendly surroundings!

I know that as a parent travelling with kids finding somewhere nice to eat can really make or break a holiday experience. If you don’t know where to eat out with kids when you are holidays in the Gold Coast it can be even more disappointing, stressful, difficult, tiring! It’s supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be relaxing. You are on holiday after all.

Until I became a parent I had no idea! I remember being pregnant that first time. Anxious about what life would be like with junior in tow. And I have to be honest, I was petrified.

I honestly believed life was going to cease with the arrival of my first child. I thought there would be no more going out, I’d never see my friends again, I would be stop being Jane, and start being someone’s mother.

That fateful day finally arrived in May 2007, after what MUST have been the longest pregnancy ever, and we welcomed our first little bundle of joy into the world. I had never seen such a beautiful creature, but I was still petrified.

You’ll never guess what happened the next day. The sun came up, and life went on as normal around the world. So I thought it was probably going to be OK - I would bumble along, and although I felt completely out of my depth, I realized life is going to be different, but it’s not over.

Nights out that end at 3am are gone! Sleeping in the next day! Ha, I laugh at the thought – or is it I cry secretly?

In their place: highly organized, non spontaneous outings that end at 8pm at the very latest.

I have a new found fondness for breakfasts and lunches out. Eating out for breakfast or lunch are much easier than dinners. After all we’re up at dawn, and often looking for something to do by 8am. Heading out for a Sunday breakfast is a treat that fits into early waking and morning nap time. While dinner out isn’t impossible, it just takes a little more planning and precise timing. This has become even more important since the arrival of number two son.

One thing I have learned over the last three and a half years is that there are certain places that make dining out with kids easier. Life hasn’t ended, and I continue my quest of finding child friendly restaurants, pubs and cafes. It has been a lot of fun, in between the tantrums of course!

Don't forget to check out what I consider to be important factors for child friendly eating out.

Here are some of my recommendations, you can comment below, or submit your own suggestions and read other people's suggestions.

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