Is the water at the beach cold in Gold Coast in June?

by Gagan
(New Delhi, India)

Is the water at the beach cold in June in the Gold Coast?

Can we swim in the water at the beach in June?

And what type of clothes are required the first week of june?

The water temperature at beaches on the Gold Coast in June is on average about 21°C (Centigrade or Celsius) or about 70°F (Fahrenheit).

It is not, in my opinion, too cold to swim in, though it really depends on what you are used to and whether you like cooler water. On cooler days or when the wind is blowing it may feel a bit chilly when you get out.

Adults and children swim, surf and play in the water here all year round - obviously depending upon the other weather aspects!

You may find that for younger children, babies and toddlers it might be a little too cool for them. They may only splash around in the shallow water for a short while and then go build sandcastles on the beach!

As for clothing in early June for the Gold Coast, the average temperatures are about 11°C to 20°C (52°F to 68°F) although you can get extremes that are lower or higher than this.

If you are coming from a warmer climate than this you might find it quite cool. I just looked up the weather averages for New Delhi and it looks to me like our weather temperatures in June are a bit like your December, January and February averages.

The humidity is probably also quite similar, though on the Gold Coast in June we may get a few more wet days, but usually not a lot. Is worth while packing an umbrella or rainjacket just in case, though there are lots of things you can do inside on the Gold Coast in case of rain.

With clothing and travelling, I always will pack things I can layer just in case it is cooler than I expect, but in June I see many tourists walking around in shorts and t-shirts during the day, and putting on a jumper or longer trousers or skirts in the evening when the sun goes down.

June is such a fabulous month on the Gold Coast. It is the start of the whale watching season and there are so many other great things to do in the Gold Coast in June, I hope that answered your question and if you have any more, please use the comments box below and I will try to answer you.

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