Jelly fish at Tangalooma

by Ana

Jelly Fish at Tangalooma

I would like to visit Tangalooma for several days.

Do I have to worry about a stinger season?

We don't have a stinger season on the Gold Coast, and I don't believe that Tangalooma has a stinger season either.

I tried to find out, but I couldn't find anything that suggested one, so I think that very occassionally during the summer months there may be some jelly fish but I unlikely to have many days that you wouldn't be able to go in the water or need to wear a stinger suit.

There are some things to be aware of, but they are not season related. You have to be careful when snorkelling for that you don't step on a stonefish, plus there are shallow waters and stingrays which of course have the barb and stingers. And there are some coral stingers that can give you a rash if you touch them.

The currents are pretty strong around there so water activities, especially snorkelling out to the Tangalooma Wrecks are best done before, during and just after the turn of the tides. In fact unless you are a competant snorkeller or diver, I would go with the snorkelling guides.

The friendly staff at Tangalooma will be able to guide you on any particular things to be aware of.

You can check out more information about Tangalooma here:
I hope that answered your general question.
Let me know in the comments if that was helpful or if you need any more information.

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