Pictures Of Whales And Whale Watching

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Are you ready for lots of BIG photos of whales?

If so, you are in the right place!  These photos of whales are of the humpbacks you see off the east coast of Australia during the annual winter migration to the breeding grounds.

The photos are generally bigger than I would use on a website - because I think bigger is better in this case. So it may it take a bit longer to load.

I feel that trade off is worth it - I hope you do too!

The photos were taken from whale watching tours from the Gold Coast.

I will be adding more pictures of whales from different parts of the whale watching season.

Enjoy these whale photos....

Pictures of Whales And Whale Watching

Lots of Big Pictures of Whales!

Pictures of Whale Tails

Humpback whale tail picture
Humpback whale tail photo
Whale tail picture
Picture of whale tail

Photos of Whales Showing Dorsal Fins and Backs

Humpback whale picture from above

Humpback whale with head emerging from water

Humpback whale showing dorsal fin

Humpback whale with head emerging from water

Humpback whale picture from side

Humpback whale from the side - dorsal fin just out of the water

Humpback whale just after a whale spout you can still see the blow.

Humpback whale just after a whale spout you can still see the blow

Humpback whale picture

Humpback whale picture - you can see the white colouring underneath and the outline of the flipper inder the water.

Whales Underwater

Humpback whale underwater photo taken from above

Humpback whale photo showing white underbelly under the water. The fins are clearly visible.

Humpback lying on back in water

Humpback lying on back with head out of the water.

Picture of humpback whale under the water.

Humpback whale under the water. Almost reminds me of a giant penguin!

Humpback whale off the Gold Coast

Humpback whale off the Gold Coast. Right next to the whale watching boat.

Whales With Head Out Of Water

Humpback whale view of head out of water.

Humpback whale with head out of water.
Check out the barnacles!

Humpback whale watching off the Gold Coast

Humpback whale watching off the Gold Coast.
So close you can almost touch!
Surfers Paradise in the background.

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  If you have any whale photos or stories I'd love to hear from you

Please come back often and let your friends know about these photos or share my whale watching tips!  You could even give us a plug on your social network if you like this website!

Enjoy your whale watching

Photos by : Annie from

Want to get up close with the whales?
Suggested Gold Coast Whale Watch Tours


 Gold Coast Local Information 

Current Top Options Whale Watching In Gold Coast

Here's a selection of the best current deals at the moment for the whale watching in Gold Coast. Please check here for all whale watching options including Coolangatta option for those staying in southern Gold Coast.

  • Sea World Whale Watch Latest Deals

    Sea World Whale Watching

    This cruise is ALWAYS POPULAR with a well respected cruise operator.

    Morning cruise goes every day during season. Lots of parking close by and easy to get to using shuttle buses, or public transport.

    Sea World Whale Watch

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    Child (3-13)
    Family (2A 2C)


    Sea World Whale Watch

    Sea World Whale Watch Season Options

    Sea World Whale Watching Cruise

    This popular cruise is often fully booked, so it is worth booking ahead, especially during school holidays.

    Sea World Whale Watch is a popular option, because it is easily recognisable, it has a large boat and is backed by the professionalism of Sea World.

    Sea World Whale Watch Cruises are available in the morning from 10am to 12.30pm and sometimes in the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm (though you will need to check for dates and availability on the links provided).

    You will need to arrange transfers to get to the Sea World Cruise Terminal - which is in the car park of Sea World. You can use the standard Sea World theme park transfer for the morning cruise.

    This season there are two cruises daily. The morning cruise departs around 10am returning around 12.30pm. The afternoon cruise (not always available) departs around 2pm returning around 4.30pm. All cruises are dependent upon weather conditions, which is why I always recommend you plan your itinerary for your holiday beforehand and book in your cruise early in the vacation, in case it has to be rescheduled. It would be terrible to miss out on seeing the whales.

    Sea World offers the following guarantee: 'Guaranteed sightings or full refund will be provided except during the months of May and November'

    Sea World Whale Watching Cruise
    Adult $99
    Child (3-13 years) $79
    Family (2A+2Ch) $300

    Sea World Whale Watch

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  • Whale Watching From Surfers Paradise Great Season Opening Deal

    Surfers Paradise Whale Watching

    These cruises go from the heart of Surfers Paradise, so you don't need transfers! Departs 4 times per day - two in the morning morning, a midday and an afternoon departure.

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    Surfers Paradise Whale Watching
    3½ hours inc. Canal Cruise
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    Family (2A 2C)


    Surfers Paradise Whale Watch

    Whales in Paradise Cruising

    Surfers Paradise Whale Watching Cruises
    4 Cruises Per Day For Great Flexibility

    This is the only whale watching cruise that leaves from the centre of Surfers Paradise.

    If you are staying in Surfers, Broadbeach, Main Beach or even Southport, you can either walk (Surfers Paradise only) or take the new G:Link or a bus to this cruise. No need to use an attraction transfer for this one!

    If you need to drive, you can easily park across the road, under Circle on Cavill or Chevron Renaissance. Parking charges will apply.

    There are a couple of great advantages for this whale watch including the convenience of the departure location, a bonus canal cruise to see the houses of the rich and famous from the Gold Coast before you head out to see the whales and the flexibility to choose one of 4 daily cruises to see the whales.

    Cruises are just over 3 hours and depart at 8.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm daily. You need to be checked in at least 20 minutes before departure.

    This whale watching company offers the following guarantee: 'Guaranteed whale sightings or free return cruise.'

    All cruises are dependent upon weather conditions, which is why I always recommend you plan your itinerary for your holiday beforehand.

    Book your cruise before you arrive in Gold Coast and make sure it is early in the vacation.

    This is in case it has to be rescheduled due to weather conditions - it would be terrible to miss out on seeing the whales.

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    Whale Watching from Surfers Paradise
    Adult $99
    Child (0-14 years) $69
    Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $267


    Outstanding Value - no credit card or booking fees. Print your own or use mobile vouchers.


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