Surfing in June?

by Laura
(Sugar Hill, GA, USA)

We are planning a trip to the Gold Coast during the first several days of a June. We thought it might be a good idea for the kids to take some surfing lessons. Will the water/days be warm enough?

June is first month of Winter on Gold Coast, and the weather is definitely cooler than the Summer months, but it can still be lovely... or it can be cool.

However, the water in the Gold Coast doesn't usually drop much below 20°C and usually is still quite warm in June.

If you are going to get the kids to learn to surf at this time, the companies that run these lessons have wetsuits and are familiar with how to handle all conditions.

If you want more information on weather and conditions in June - check out the June page and for Winter clothing you will find a good page at that link too. For general things to bring and wear there's a What to Pack page.

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