Weather and Temperatures In Gold Coast In August

by Matt

We're thinking of heading to the Gold Coast this August. This will be our first trip to Australia.

Just wondering how the weather is there in August.

Can you still swim and lay on the beach?
How about snorkeling and maybe some scuba diving? Is the water warm enough or clear enough?

Weather of course is unpredictable, but August is winter in the Gold Coast which means it is usually less humid and cooler at night. Temperatures range on average between 10°C to 21°C (50°F to 70°F) with historical extremes being -1°C to 30°C (30°F to 86°F).

The rule of thumb is the clear days with little wind will often get up into the 20°s and push up to mid 20s (°C's). Those temperatures are certainly fine for the beach.

The average sea temperature in August on the Gold Coast is about 19°C - that will vary, but it gives you an idea

In August, you will find people on the beaches, laying in the sun and swimming (always between the flags!), surfing and kitesurfing.

As for snorkelling, usually visability on the Gold Coast is not bad as long as there hasn't been a lot of rain. Ditto for scuba diving.

I must admit, neither snorkelling nor scuba seem a big thing here on the Gold Coast - you can do them, but in my opinion there are better places.

If you are interested in those specifically, you can do a day trip or even stay over at somewhere like Tangalooma which is on Moreton Island in Moreton Bay Brisbane.

The reason I suggest Tangalooma is that they have the Tangalooma wrecks that have created an artificial reef and they are great to snorkel on, you can swim from the shore or go by boat. Moreton Bay has some amazing marine animals, check out the story about my day trip to Tangalooma with my sister, it was during August so you can see from the photos what it was like that day!

The other big thing to do on the Gold Coast in August is whale watching. You cannot dive with them, but going on a whale watching tour is awesome! Depending when in August, you might even catch a glimpse of the baby whales coming back from Northern Queensland.

I hope that answers your question, if you have any more please leave a comment and I will try to answer.

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Jul 15, 2012
Swimming with Dolphins In August in Gold Coast
by: Annie

Hi Niki,
There are dolphin encounters at Sea World on the Gold Coast, there are various options depending upon what you want. There are no actually swimming with the dolphin options there, but you can get in the water with them. It is best if you book these encounters ahead of time to ensure you get the day you want. In August Brisbane Show Day (usually a Wednesday in the middle of August) is unusually busy and also Gold Coast Show Day which is usually a friday late in the month or early in September. You will need to book your encounters directly on the Sea World My Fun website. The dolphins are captive dolphins within Sea World.

Hope those are useful suggestions, let me know if you need more information.

There are other options to see dolphins in the wild on cruises, snorkelling, diving or kayak tours for example - but these are not specifically dolphin encounter adventures, you may see dolphins.

Although not in Gold Coast, another option is hand feeding the dolphins at Tangalooma (which is on Moreton Island) off Brisbane. You can day trip to Tangalooma and enjoy snorkelling and dolphin encounters. These dolphins are wild dolphins and that is pretty awesome experience.

Jul 15, 2012
Swimming with dolphins
by: Niki

Hi annie, appreciate if u could advise any close wnconters with dolphin in gold coast?

Jun 27, 2012
great info
by: chantelle

this is a great review and very informative thank you for this info cant wait to see this beautiful place

Jun 23, 2012
Scuba diving on gold coast
by: Wayne

Thanks Annie. Going in August and was considering going scuba diving. Thanks for your tips.

Jun 23, 2012
Good advice!
by: Jackie

So kind Annie to offer that advice. Good to know there are some good people in life. Thanks. I'm going there in August. Will take ur advice.

Mar 08, 2011
by: cruisev

Well done Annie, the answers were really helpful as I am going to Gold Coast also in August.

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