Weather in March

We are flying to gold coast on 17th March for a week and were wondering what the weather will be like then?

Although I don't have a crystal ball for what the exact weather will be like, if you check out these two links you should find more information about the kinds of weather you can expect in March and the current weather and links to get more information and longer range forecasts.

Most people want to know the weather before hand so they can work out what to pack and bring with them. If this is what you are after then I suggest you keep an eye on the weather forecasts in the week before you arrive to give you a bettr idea of temperature ranges and whether it will be wet or not.

In March, we are still on the beach, at the water parks and wearing light clothing with the need for a light jumper or jacket only on occassion (and now we have lived in Queensland for several years we aren't very tolerant of the slightest coolness or cold weathr!) at night or if going up into the hills in the hinterland.

I always pack a rain or spray jacket as it is useful as a light layer and protection against rain.

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