What Day of the Week is Best to Visit Dreamworld?

by Jo

We are coming during a quietish time of the year (Oct 31 till Nov 14) so we avoid Indy* and Gold Coast Schoolies.

However to make queue waiting as short as possible, what day is best to visit? I figure Monday or Tuesday but perhaps I'm wrong and there is no quiet time? Thanks.

* Please Note: Surfers Paradise V8SuperCars has replaced Gold Coast Indy


When this question was originally asked, there were a couple of things that influenced which days of the week were busier, however, that is not the case anymore. Please read on to see my updated answer.

What is the best day of the week to visit DreamWorld Gold Coast?

That is a really tricky question, because it can really depend on many things. During school term time DreamWorld is definitely quieter, but there can be exceptions to that.

There can be school groups or just a large number of visitors. In general though, Dreamworld is quieter during the week than on the weekends - when the locals come out to play!

If you want to reduce your queuing time and maximise your fun on the thril rides you can use their virtual queuing system called Q4U.

You pay extra for this but I reckon you would certainly get your money's worth by not having to spend time standing in queues and would mean a much more enjoyable day.

Q4U used to be a hand held device (a bit like a pager) that gave you availability information about the thrill rides you can queue for and you simply reserved a virtual place in the queue.

Technology has moved on, and you can now use the Q4U Mobile App, which will cover up to 6 people. A fee applies for each person.

It works in the same was as the old hand held device, but you actually get more info.

Whilst you are in the "queue" for a ride, you can actually go and do other things until it is your time to ride. Like get a drink or eat!

Each ride has it's own Q4U entrance, where you get to sail past everyone standing in the regular queue! Seems a bit unfair really! But you do pay for the privilege.

At last count, it covers 13 of the Dreamworld rides and is available every day - but you need to purchase ahead of time and reserve the day you will use it. You will need access to the email you used to reserve it online.

If you aren't able to do that, there may still be an option for a hand held Q4U, but they would be limited, if still available.

This option could solve your problem if you really want to get a full day of rides in at Dreamworld!

Don't forget that you will also need your Dreamworld tickets for entry. You can check out all the options and offers on our Theme Park Passes page.

I hope this helps you out, if you have any more questions please add it as a comment and I will respond.

Have fun at Dreamworld and let me know how you go!

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