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Nile on Broadwater
Egyptian Restaurant 


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Welcome to Egypt on the Gold Coast - Nile on Broadwater has amazing atmosphere!
Nile on Broadwater restaurant at Aqua, Labrador.
Specialty Egyptian dishes and entertainment.





Nile on Broadwater Restaurant Reviewed

What they say about themselves
Egyptian food but with north african speciality dish - Tajine (named after the clay pot it is cooked in).

Open for:
Breakfast - Friday to Sunday
Lunch - 7 days
Dinner -  7 days

Belly dancing Friday and Saturday evenings.

What I say 

January 2009 Update
I was sad to see this restaurant closed before we had a chance to try the food here.

Initial Views
I haven’t eaten here yet, but my kids keep hounding me.  When I have I will write a full review. 

What I can say though is, that Ihab and Aisha are the friendliest people. I have read other people's reviews and it seems that their food is pretty special.  Service is good, and I can vouch for the decor and atmosphere.
You can feel this restaurant out on the street in the evenings when you walk past. The menu also seems to cater for the more western tastes.
Tajine (Egyptian Tagin) is their speciality. 
Since I know nothing about this all I can say, is if you are looking for Tajine, you will find it here! Chicken, Seafood, Meat and felafel versions!  

The belly dancers always seem to draw a crowd on Friday and Saturday nights and it seems such a relaxed and happy atmosphere. 

    The Lazy Lobster at Labrador on Gold Coast
Aisha and Ihab are the hosts of Nile on Broadwater

This restaurant is on my list - I promise a full review!

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