Gift Vouchers For Gold Coast Theme Parks

by Clare C

Annie's Intro On this page you will find several questions and answers about buying vouchers to various theme parks and attractions. Buying gift vouchers for attractions and experiences can be great birthday or christmas presents for family and friends. There are some things you need to know though just to make sure you get it right!

Clare C's Question: Can I buy gift vouchers for Gold Coast theme parks?

As a birthday present, I am considering buying a voucher for someone planning a visit to the Gold Coast theme parks in April.

I gather this is possible, but could you please let me know more about how to go about this, and give me any recommendations for optimum purchasing. The value would be about $100.

Annie Answers


The following deals represent the BEST value theme park deals at the moment. Please check the full range of options and suggestions for use on the Theme Park Passes Explained Page.

Best Of MovieWorld Sea World & Wet n Wild

3 Theme Parks For 3 Days. Be Quick Ending Soon


SAVE with Combo Passes When Visiting 2 or More Parks.

MEGA 4 Park Pass
4 Parks $189 pp
Unlimited Entry for 14 Days MovieWorld, Sea World, Wet n Wild & Paradise Country

CHEAPEST 3 Park Option
3 Days 3 Parks Pass - Single Entry to Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild over 3 consecutive days
- Only $139 pp


Dreamworld, WhiteWater World & SkyPoint Options

3 Days 3 Attractions - Unliited Entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World & SkyPoint over 3 consecutive days
- Only $109* per Adult | $99 per Child | $360 Family (2A+2C)

Unlimited World Annual Passes
Unlimited Entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater
World & SkyPoint Observation Deck
For 12 Months Adult $189 | Child (3-13 yrs) $169
If you live in QLD or Northern NSW (post codes 2450-2490) check out the heavily discounted entry of a Locals Annual Pass
Amazing Value

Top Tip: Combine a deal from each theme park group to have access to all 5 Gold Coast theme parks, plus extras depending on passes chosen.

Your Gold Coast holiday fun sorted!

Theme Park & Airport Transfers
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No credit card or booking fees. Mobile Vouchers Accepted or Print your own vouchers.
Follow Links For All Terms & Conditions. All Prices Quoted Online Only.

What a great idea to buy a friend gift vouchers to use at Gold Coast theme parks on their holiday.

If you know they are going to Dreamworld you can easily purchase what they call Gift Cards of various values - I think $30, $50, $100 and $250 are the gift card values you can buy. So that looks like a good option. These gift cards can be used towards purchasing Dreamworld and Whitewater World admission tickets, annual passes, merchandise, dining and in-park activities. That gives your friend lots of options.

You can buy Dreamworld and Whitewater World gift cards on the DreamWorld Website.

If you know your friends is wanting to go to the three theme parks - Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild and they don't already have their admission tickets for those a fabulous gift of about the value you are mentioning could be one of the theme park passes - you can check the website for exact dates and details. A personalised pass is issued when you attend the first park, but you can purchase it as a gift for someone else by filling in the form when you buy it with their details.

Simply, enter in your friend's name into the Personal Details area in the shopping cart and the voucher will be generated in their name.

A Pass is a great gift as it is amazing value and a big discount to single park entry when you go to more than one of these three Gold Coast theme parks and pre-purchasing Theme Park Passes here gives fast access to park entry so your friend will save time too!

You can also check out lots of other Gold Coast activities and purchase the vouchers for your friend if you see something you like. For example Hot Air Ballooning or the latest show at Jupiters, or Australian Outback Spectacular Show and lots more.

I hope that gives you some ideas for gift vouchers for your friend.

Annie from Gold Coast Australia Travel Tips

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Gift Vouchers and Deals For Gold Coast Theme Parks

by M Walker

Gift Vouchers and Deals For Gold Coast Theme Parks

My Son and his wife, plus their 3 kids all under 13 are coming to Gold Coast in November.

I want to buy them tickets for Dreamworld, Sea World and Movie World as an early Xmas pressie.

How do I best do this and how much?

Annie Answers
I have answered a similar question to this above however, there are a few extra things I can suggest so I will include them here.

There is no single deal that includes DreamWorld, Sea World and Movie World as they belong to two different companies.

You can check out the current theme park deals and passes including explanations as to when to use each type.

DreamWorld and Whitewater World
Dreamworld and Whitewater World have World Passes, tickets and Holiday World Passes. There is a family option for the Holiday WorldPass.

Personally, I think there is so much to do in Dreamworld that a multi-day pass is better than a single day entry, but that will depend upon how much time they have in the Gold Coast.

The best way to do give them DreamWorld tickets is to buy Gift Cards which you can buy from the Dreamworld website.

The cards are issued in lots of $30, $50, $100 and $250, so you can work out what is the best combination to buy the right tickets.

The reason you cannot buy the tickets directly, from what I understand, is that the payment method used to buy the actual tickets or passes online is required as a security check when you present the vouchers at the entrance gate.

Gift Cards can be used to purchase the tickets at the gate, or online ahead of time and may be used for admissions, annual passes, merchandise, dining and in park activities.

SeaWorld, MovieWorld and Wet n Wild
SeaWorld, MovieWorld and Wet n Wild are owned by the same company and they have combination passes covering the three theme parks. Unfortunately, they do not have any family deals.

A Super Pass and VIP Passes allows you entry to the three Gold Coast theme parks either over a 28 day period for the Super Passes or for unlimited entry to June 30 for VIP Passes.

These passes are usually the same price for Adults, Pensioners (Australia & New Zealand only) and Children (3 to 13 years). The VIP Pass is only available for a limited time each year as a promotion and is the best value, however at other times of the year you will find the Super Pass is still great value.

These represent the best value theme park tickets and passes for visitors to the Gold Coast on holiday.

I believe you can buy these as a gift, by making sure that the person who is going to use the passes is named in the personal details area when you buy these here.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any more questions by using the comments section below and I will try to answer.

Annie from Gold Coast Australia Travel Tips

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Buying National VIP Pass As A Gift

by Aggie

Buying National VIP Pass as a gift

I am looking at buying National VIP Pass as a gift for my kids. When I went to order them, I wasn't quite sure what to do.

Should I put the vouchers in my name or theirs.

I won't be visiting the theme parks with them, so do I fill out my name or their name on the forms when purchasing the VIP passes for my kids?

Also do they require IDs.

Please Note: 1 November 2011 National VIP Passes are no longer available for sale. Please check Latest Deals at Gold Coast Theme Parks for up to date theme park ticket and pass deals.

Annie answers
Note When available you'll have to get in quick as VIP Passes are only on offer for a limited time. Please check availability and latest deals on the theme park deals page.

Back to buying them (or any other type of theme park pass or ticket) as a gift. One of the most important questions is how old are the kids you are buying the Passes for?

The reason for this is that children under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult when going to the parks.

The adult doesn't need to be a family member, just the person responsible for the child who is 13 or under whilst in the theme park.

Here is the official word from Warner Bros/Village Theme Parks who run the National VIP Pass* program about attendance at their theme parks:

We strongly recommend that all children under the age of 14 years be accompanied by an adult who shall be solely responsible for their care and conduct whilst on these premises.

If they are 14 or over no problems at all. If they are under 14 and will always attend with a responsible adult, again no problem for entry from what I can see.

However, if they are under 14 and will not be attending with a responsible adult, then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Secondly, when buying National VIP Passes for Gold Coast theme parks as a gift or present you have to make sure you do a couple of things.

The voucher must be in the name of the person who is using the voucher. Or, the voucher must be signed over to the person who is picking up the pass.
The person who’s name appears on the voucher will need to be the one to redeem the voucher with their ID.

In the event that the voucher is purchased in one name but this is not the person that will be using the voucher, then they will need to sign the voucher over to the person that will be using it.

For example it should have the following written on the voucher to sign it over.
This voucher was purchased as a gift for Insert Name of Person Receiving Gift. I Authorise Insert Name of Person Receiving Gift to use this voucher. Signed by _____________(sign here and then print the name of the person signing over the voucher)

In addition to the voucher, when they arrive on the first visit to one of the three theme parks (Sea World, Movie World or Wet n Wild) they will need to have filled in a Season Pass Form for each person and have ID.

When you go online to buy the VIP Passes you will be directed to download and print the Season Pass Forms for each person.

Whoever redeems the voucher needs photo id, even children. Most kids have school photo id's when they are 14 or over anyway. Their Season Pass Form should be correctly filled in before they go and when they attend the first time a photo will be taken for their VIP Pass.

Buying a National VIP Pass for the Gold Coast theme parks is a great gift for kids, grandchildren, family member and friends.

New vouchers now have barcodes for faster entry to the theme parks saving up to 20 minutes waiting time in queues!

Hope that answers the question, sorry it was such a long answer. Now it should be clear what you have to do when you buy a National VIP pass as a gift for family or friends.

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* Theme park tickets and pass offers change from time to time. Whilst I try to keep these pages up to date, please check Latest Deals at Gold Coast Theme Parks for the most current information.

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