Is It Too Cold To Snorkel in May or June?

by Jane & Gary

We're interested in visiting Australia for our honeymoon. We would like to do lots of snorkelling so we were thinking of the Gold Coast.

Only problem is our honeymoon will be from May 24th to 14th June which is the start of winter.

What temperatures should we expect and would you advise to visit later on in the year.

Jane and Gary

Hi Jane and Gary,
Firstly, congratulations!

Secondly, Gold Coast is a year round destination and you can usually do all water sports at any time of the year. The only times when you might not go snorkelling or scuba diving would be if visibility was low - which can happen after big storms.

So on the Gold Coast snorkelling and scuba diving are definitely year round options. The water rarely gets below 20°C, and most of the tour operators will provide you with a suitable wet suit if needed.

With regard to the overall weather, how it feels to you depends a bit on where you are coming from! I know that sounds strange, but in June I can be in jeans and jumpers whilst all the visitors are walking around in shorts and singlets!

The good thing is that Gold Coast Winter isn't really that cold, although it can get a bit cooler. Check out my pages on weather and also on Gold Coast in May and Gold Coast in June for a bit more specific information about the sort of weather you can expect.

There is good snorkelling in a few locations on the Gold Coast.

There are also some lovely options off the coast of Brisbane at one of my favourite spots... Tangalooma. I highly recommend checking out the photos on that page. A very lovely trip for honeymooners. You can enjoy making some fantastic memories.

Hope that gave you some ideas, of course if you have any more questions you can contact me directly.

Thanks and Good Luck

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May 09, 2012
Thanks for sharing
by: Wedding planners

I love your work. very inspirational. very talented and enjoy each post.

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