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Kite Surfing Gold Coast

Kite Surfing Gold Coast beaches is a popular sport

Kite Surfing Gold Coast beaches is a popular sport. There are lots to choose from.
To kitesurf in the Gold Coast is not for the faint hearted! Extreme action can be had on the main ocean beaches like this photo which was taken at Main Beach or in the Broadwater. Although the Broadwater doesn't have the surf and is popular for beginners it can still be exhilarating when the trade winds are pumping in!

You can choose from the ocean surf or the relatively calm but often windy Broadwater. This gives lots of options for both the experienced and the novice kite surfer.

Why Not Experience Kite Surfing In The Gold Coast?

Kite Surfing Options

Private Kite Surfing Lesson

Group Kite Surfing Lesson

30 Minute Kite Surfing Experience

Kite Surfing Information

The Gold Coast offers many different kite surfing options.

  • Experienced kite surfers - lots of ocean beach to choose from
  • Kite boarding in the Broadwater
  • Thrill seekers looking for a kite surfing experience
  • Lessons for kite surfers of all stages
Kite surfing companies offer options at many Gold Coast beaches but they must be booked in advance.  Options include:

  • Main Beach - surf
  • Surfers Paradise - surf
  • Broadbeach - surf
  • Mermaid Beach - surf
  • Labrador through to Paradise Point for a flat water experience
  • Byron Bay - surf in Northern NSW

Most companies provide a jet ski support for your added safety. Some also offer day tours to other locations including northern New South Wales

Thrill experiences lasting half an hour usually cost from about $50 AUD.  An awesome view of the coast and a great thrill at the same time!

Here are a few options for experiencing kite surfing on the Gold Coast:

  • 3 Hour Private Lesson
  • 3 Hour Group Lesson
  • 30 Minute Kite Surfing Gold Coast Experience

Want to find out more about Kite Surfing and Kite Boarding?

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