Map of Surfers Paradise

This map of Surfers Paradise shows the local area around Surfers. Feel free to explore it using the Navigation Buttons.

Tips for Navigating Map of Surfers Paradise

On the map you can use the PLUS (+) key to Zoom In for more detail, or the MINUS (-) key to Zoom Out for a bigger picture of the region in relation to the rest of Gold Coast area.

You can move around using the arrow keys.

Satellite View
If you try the Satellite key, you will see actual aerial satellite photos of the region overlaid with the major roads.

Both of these are great options, but remember some of the satellite photos are a bit out of date so some of the land that looks empty in the photos might actually contain new houses or a shopping centre by now.

Such are the dynamics of the ever changing Gold Coast!

Refresh to Start Again!
If you get totally confused just refresh the page and you will come back to square one!

Other Maps of Gold Coast

Other useful maps of the Gold Coast are embedded into this website in their relevant sections.


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