Theme parks in Gold Coast in December.

by Kirthana

What is the average time to wait for a ride in the Gold Coast theme parks in December?

There are 5 theme parks in the Gold Coast - 3 theme based ones and 2 water parks.

Each theme park has a different rides and therefore will have different times.

Early December the theme parks can be quite quiet, but once school is out and the holidays start it gets busy.

When it is busy queues can be up to an hour or more on some rides during peak times. Weekends during December are usually pretty busy too.

However, Dreamworld has this great new system that you can use if you are are smart and book ahead.

You can use their Queue 4 U system on Dreamworld Thrill Rides.

This is a virtual queuing system so that you don't have to stand in the queue, you can be doing other things whilst waiting for your time to ride.

There are only limited availability of these each day, so you need to book. It is in addition to your park entry.

If you really want to do lots of rides then you can also get into DreamWorld an hour early and ride the big thrill rides too.

If you have smaller children, there are usually many smaller rides and activities where the queues aren't that long at all. So I am talking about the main rides and attractions at the theme parks.

In the morning when entering the theme parks, if you have pre-paid for your ticket you can usually get in faster as there is a pre-paid line. But if you have to stand in the entry queue you can be there for quite a while, so it is best to arrive early and queue up when you arrive.

I hope that answers your question. If you have any more questions or comments please comment below and I will reply.


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