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There are a few tips and tricks to getting the most out of your day or days at Dreamworld, especially if you are planning on going on as many of the thrill rides as possible!

It's a good idea to have a plan, before you even get to the park, familiarise yourself with the attractions and shows.

If you want to see shows, you'll have to figure out when these are on, and then plan your rides around them and being in the right part of the park at the right time (it's a big park!).

Some of the rides have restrictions, so it's worthwhile knowing those ahead of time.

Dreamworld has an app that you can download onto your smartphone. I have tried it out, and I must admit, I didn't end up using it as much as I thought I would.

I reverted to the map, more often than not. But you may find it useful. Just search for Dreamworld on your smartphone's app store and you will find it easily.

Many of the rides are fast or turn you upside down - a couple of tips...

  1. Be careful what you eat and drink before thrill rides. It would be a shame to waste that good nutrition!
  2. You'll often need to remove sunglasses, hats and lose objects from your pockets. If you plan to go on the thrill rides, I'd hire a locker in a central area and put all that lose stuff in there. Or you may have someone who is the designated bag, sunnies and hats holder who doesn't go on the rides.
  3. Arrive as early as you can to the park. The sooner you get in, the sooner you get to your first ride and the queues are less when the park first opens. Get in quick and reduce your waiting time. It's a good idea to pre-purchase your passes, so you don't have to go in the long queues to get in, you just swipe your voucher's barcode and in you go.

And finally, here's a tip for those who want to go on as many of the thrill rides as possible in a day!.

What if you could get someone else to stand in the queue for you and just turn up when it was time to ride, get straight on and enjoy?

Virtual Queuing System At Dreamworld To Save You Time

One of the problems with going to Dreamworld is having to wait in the queues for the rides.

Dreamworld's Big 9 thrill rides are really popular and sometimes you can be waiting 30 to 60 minutes or more just for the ride.

Standing in queues is a real waste of your valuable theme park time!

What if you could get someone else to stand in the queue for you and just turn up when it was time to ride, get straight on and enjoy?

Well, you don't actually jump it, but there are two ways to beat the queues at Dreamworld's popular thrill rides.

One is to book ahead your tickets and passes so you can sail through the entry gates easily and quickly. And the other is to use their virtual queueing system called Q4U.

Q4U is available on weekends and during holidays (you probably don't need it during other times). It is used during the normal day and you pay extra to be able to use this virtual queuing system and again there are only a limited number of units available for hire.

The time saved by not having to stand in queues on busy days, is certainly worth the money for those on a tight timeframe. If you use the Q4U, you are likely going to have a much more enjoyable and action packed day!

If you are tight on money, but you have the time to visit Dreamworld a couple of times during your holiday, then I would recommend getting a multi-visit pass. You can check out all the options on the theme park passes page.

Q4U is a virtual queuing device! What exactly is a virtual queuing device?

Q4U was introduced in 2009 and was the first viirtual queuing system in any Australian or Gold Coast Theme Park! Since then it has evolved slightly and it is now more obvious with special signs and queuing areas for those using the option. There's an option to either pick up the Q-Bot or use the Q-Mobile version if you have a smartphone. Remember if you are from overseas, you will need to have your phone able to roam to Australia and you might want to check on any charges you may incur.

Q4U Q-Bot is a hand held device that looks a bit like a tamagotchi! It gives you availability information about the main Dreamworld thrill rides (see list below). You can select the next ride you want to do and then reserve a virtual place in the queue for that ride. You can easily see how much time you have until your ride and plan to do other things while you wait rather than standing idle in the queue.

Each system can be used to reserve a place in the queue for upto 6 people. When it is your time to ride you simply go to the Q4U entrance on the ride and off you go! You Virtually Jump The Queue! How brilliant is that!

You can use it on these rides at Dreamworld Thrill Rides:

  • Tower of Terror II
  • Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster
  • Thunder River Rapids Ride
  • Wipeout
  • Rocky Hollow Log Ride
  • Cyclone
  • The Claw
  • BuzzSaw
  • Shockwave
  • Escape To Madagascar
  • Pandemonium

This could certainly solve your problem if you really want to get a full day of Dreamworld thrill rides in!

There are only a limited number per day (remember weekends and holidays only), so book ahead, directly with Dreamworld. I'd highly recommend this option if you LOVE your thrill rides and that is the main reason you are going to Dreamworld. And I would definitely book ahead to reserve one of the limited spots in the queue!

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