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There are many Dreamworld attractions to keep everyone happy.
Dreamworld rides and attractions
include Wiggles World, Australian animals, thrill rides & the tigers!

One of the things about Dreamworld that is a bit different from the other theme parks is the polarity of people in each area, although that is changing since the new DreamWorks areas have been added.

You are likely to find teenagers and thrill-seekers almost exclusively in the Ocean Parade area, in the extreme ride queues (or on the rides) or with a WorldPass going between DW and WhiteWater World!

Whilst the smaller kids and families are more likely to be found in the DreamWorks Experience area (formerly Nickelodeon Central), Tiger Island, Wiggles World and the Dreamworld Corroboree.

Dreamworld attractions and rides are usually open from 10am to 5pm (except for maintenance or other reasons).

Scheduled shows, presentations or demonstrations only run at certain times. Which is the part that requires a bit of forward planning.

The theme park map you can pick up on arrival, suggests itineraries for those with World Passes attending both parks:

Buy Dreamworld & WhiteWater World Tickets
  • Families with Youngsters
    These are all the easy rides, attractions and shows.
  • Families with kids aged 4 to 13 years
    These include some of the medium thrill rides.
  • Thrill Seekers
    Pure adrenalin what can I say!

It's hard to keep up with the new attractions at Dreamworld most of the focus is on the new DreamWorks Experience with new rides and shows.

Please note: There is no guarantee that there will be shows running when you visit. And the prices and details of passes may be out of date. Check for details of shows at the park when you arrive.

Dreamworld Animal Adventures


Animal Experiences with Dreamworld Tigers - check out the options.

Enhance Your Dreamworld Visit
Tiger Feed Experience
Tiger Photo Experience
Limited Availability - Book online.

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There are a couple of different animal adventures at Dreamworld.

These revolve around the native Australian animals in the Dreamworld Corroboree (formerly Australian Wildlife Experience) and the famous Tiger Island tigers and if you are lucky tiger cubs.

Tiger Island is fascinating, I could stay here all day.

From time to time, there are tiger cubs at Dreamworld.

Once when we went they had 5 cubs and we were lucky enough to see them not only at play with their handler, but also out and about on walks in the park, which was totally incredible.

I found out later that there is a cub experience where you get to spend 30 minutes with the cubs!

Obviously this is only available when there are cubs and when those cubs are small enough to do this safely!

Dreamworld Tiger jumping between logs at Tiger Island Presentation.
Dreamworld Tiger Island Show. Tiger jumping between logs.

This is extremely popular and needs to be booked in ahead of time. You will still need a theme park ticket or pass to go into the park on that day, and tickets for this are best bought and booked in early.

As well as having a valid Dreamworld Entry ticket for that day you need to arrive at the park by at least 9.30am, but check your booking confirmation for full details.

This experience is definitely on my BUCKET LIST! How about you?

There are a couple of extra activities you can do with the animals. There are tiger walks and photos as well as cub experiences (when they have cubs small enough to make this safe!).

At the Dreamworld Corroborree you can have your photo taken with a koala :D .

During school holidays and peak visitor times there are other adventures with animals such as Sunset Safari. You will need to check with Guest Services to find out what is on and when it is on.

Dreamworld Helicopter Joy Flights

Dreamworld Helicopter Joy flights - NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Dreamworld Helicopter Joy Flights
Dreamworld Helicopter Joy Flights used to take off from this rather well camouflaged area
near the front of the theme park.

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Dreamworld Shows and Presentations

  • Madagascar Live - All the whackiness of Madagascar with all your favourite characters in a 20 minute show. The kids and adults will love this, just like the movie!
  • Tiger Island Presentation. See the tigers big and small.
  • Dreamworld Corroboree - this area has been rethemed from the Australian Wildlife Experience. As well as the wildlife in this area, there are also opportunities to learn about and see cultural aspects of indigenous cultures. You can walk through and see many native animals such as Koalas and crocodiles as well as theme areas where you will see examples of local wildlife such as the Daintree rainforest area and the Kakadu Wetlands with its saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. There's a sheep shearing show, and indigenous cultural music, fire and weapons demonstrations. There are also special experiences which are available at an additional cost to your entry.
  • Australian Sheep Shearing Show - see life on an Australian farm with live sheep shearing. Now part of the Dreamworld Corroboree.
Dreamworld tigers. This one is just before you get to Tiger Island Show.
Dreamworld Tigers are everywhere! This one is at the entrance to Tiger Island

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General Attractions

  • Tiger Island
Dreamworld Corroboree
  • Bilby House
  • Daintree Rainforest
  • Koala Country
  • Kakadu Wetland
  • Outback Adventure
Dreamworld Studios
  • Big Brother House (only open at certain times of the year)
DreamWorks Experience
  • Madagascar Madness - Rides and Live Show
  • Shrek's Faire Faire Away - rides & more
  • Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness (opened summer 2012) - extreme thrill. Pandamonium will have two sides - a not-so crazy and a seriously crazy side! Which will you take? In this area there will be Skadoosh bumper cars, Kung Fu Academy all based around the Furious Five Fountain.

Wiggles World

  • Captain Feathersword's Ship
  • Fun Spot Activity Centre
  • The Wiggles Farmyard Friends
  • Opened Summer 2012 Big Red Boat Ride

Big Brother House

  • Only open at certain times of the year - usually for short time just after the end of the latest series. Generally this is over the November, December period, but please check if this is something you really want to see.
Dreamworld Bilby conservation - have you ever seen a bilby? Once you have you have to help save them!
Dreamworld Bilby conservation house. Never seen a bilby? This is a great chance to see them and help.

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Dreamworld Rides

Mild Rides

  • Avis Vintage Cars
  • Dreamworld Railway
DreamWorks Experience: Shrek's Faire Faire Away
  • Dronkey Flyers
  • Ogre-Go-Round
  • Puss in Boots Sword Swing
  • Gingy's Glider

DreamWorks Experience: Madagascar Madness

  • Escape from Madagascar
  • Mad Jungle Jam

Wiggles World

  • Big Red Car Ride
  • Big Red Boat Ride - opened Summer 2012
  • Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup Ride
  • SS Feathersword
  • The Fun Spot for more games and Wiggly music!

Medium Intensity Rides

Dreamworld Reef Diver is in Ocean Parade - this is a medium intensity thrill ride!
Reef Diver ride was a medium intensity
thrill ride in Ocean Parade
  • Rocky Hollow Log Ride
  • Thunder River Rapids Ride
  • Shockwave
Ocean Parade
  • Reef Diver

DreamWorks Experience: Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness

  • Pandamonium - take the Not-so Crazy Line for a rickshaw chase adventure
  • Skadoosh - bumper car ride

Extreme Thrill Seeker Rides

Dreamworld Tower of Terror ride looks quite harmless as a still photo!
Dreamworld Tower of Terror ride
looks harmless as a still photo.
Definitely for EXTREME
Thrill Seekers only!
  • Mick Doohan's Motocoaster
  • The Giant Drop
  • Tower of Terror II - now goes backwards up and face first down!
  • Buzzsaw
  • Virtual V8 Super Cars Experience - Pay Per Play
  • Tailspin

Ocean Parade

  • Claw
  • Cyclone
  • FlowRider (pay extra for this ride)
  • Wipeout
  • Zombie Evilution - Vortex and then AVPX were previously in this spot, but now the Zombie's have taken over with a laser tag attraction!

Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness

  • Big Thrill Ride - Pandamonium - Expect 3.8 G-forces!

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