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Dreamworld Photos




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Dreamworld Photos
So much to see at Dreamworld

Dreamworld is continually changing and evolving. The following photos represent a snapshot of Dreamworld Gold Coast and when I get a chance I update and add more.

I have tried to keep the images a reasonable size so you can see the detail, but that may mean the page will be slow to load. Please be patient, I think it is worth it.

Some of these photos will represent things that may not currently be at Dreamworld, but you will get a snapshot of what it is like.

The following are some of the Dreamworld photos I have taken whilst visiting this Gold Coast theme park over the years. Please forgive me, I cannot order perfect blue skies and I am an amateur!

The first time I went to Dreamworld was 1990. Some of the rides and theme park are still the same.

Many things that have changed, grown, evolved or been removed. Where possible I will leave up old photos as they are interesting, however some of what you see in the photos may not be what is currently at Dreamworld.

I hope you enjoy getting a flavour of Dreamworld. Enjoy,

Dreamworld Tiger Photos

Dreamworld Tiger Cub in the Park - lying down taking it all in!
Here is a gorgeous Dreamworld tiger in the park. She was out for a walk around the park. If she had been walking we would have been allowed to stroke her back. They are taught to lie down when they feel too much pressure. That way they know no-one will bother them.
Dreamworld Tiger cub lying down
Here she is face on. What a beauty!
She was 13 weeks old!
Tiger photo opportunity
The girls enjoy a tiger photo opportunity
in Main Street.
Dreamworld Tiger cubs with handler.
Here the Dreamworld Tiger handler can be seen
playing with the smaller cubs.
Dreamworld tiger cubs playing together near Tiger Island.
Two tiger cubs are about 5 months old, playing
in enclosure next to Tiger Island.
Dreamworld tiger jumping onto log during the Tiger Island presenation.
Tiger jumping between logs during
the Tiger Island Presentation.
An awesome sight.
Mohan Dreamworld White Tiger
Mohan Dreamworld's white tiger.
Wasn't he magnificent.

Dreamworld Corroboree (was Australian Wildlife Experience)

A dingo in its enclosure with a backdrop of red earth.
Dreamworld reptile house has snakes, lizards and lot more.
Getting up close and personal with this carpet python was very exciting, but great knowing there was glass between us!

Wiggles World Photos

Welcome to Wiggles World.
Welcome to Wiggles World!
Wiggles house in Dreamworld
The Wiggles House!
Dorothy the Dinasour Tea Cup Ride
Dorothy's rosy tea cup ride a firm
favourite with the little ones!
Tea cup ride - not my cup of tea!
The tea cup ride isn't my cup of tea!
But Charlie loved it!

Ocean Parade Photos

Wipeout ride - just doesn't appeal to me!
The Wipeout ride twists and turns and seems to go on and on!
Not my thing, but the kids love it.
The Claw looks almost inviting!
The entrance to The Claw almost looks inviting!
Till you see the ride in full swing!
The Claw

Thrill Rides Photos

The Giant Drop - not for the faint hearted!
The Giant Drop. NOT for the faint hearted! Even grown men scream! When you hear this, you'll know what I mean!
Tower of Terror full view!
Tower of Terror full view!
The Giant Drop goes all the way to the top
and then DOWN!
The Giant Drop entranceInformation sign for Giant Drop
This day they were only doing the drop from one side.
Tower of Terror with a car on the track.
This car was coming back down
and they were still screaming!
Tower of Terror track
This is the part of the Tower of Terror track
where it starts to go up the tower!
Motocoaster sign
Motocoaster bike to check if you fit!
Charlie checking out the Motocoaster ride.
She could have riden in the sidecar, but she wasn't interested!
Mick Doohan Motocoaster
Mick Doohan Motocoaster - is a motor bike on rails. There are restrictions but there is also the option to ride in a sidecar. The queue splits into two, those who want to be right at the front and the rest.
You have to wait for the extra thrill of being at the front. They only take 2 at a time from this queue.

General Dreamworld Photos

Dreamworld attractions sign posted around the park.
It's easy to get around this park. Signs point to attractions and you will have your park map.
Central Cafe is right where you come into the park.
Central Cafe - cafe & bar close to the entrance.
Crocodile in Dreamworld!
There is a crocodile in Dreamworld,
but this isn't the real thing luckily!
Main street looking towards the IMAX theatre.
Main Street when you first enter the park.
Looking towards the old IMAX theatre.  
The Tower of Terror in the background.


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