Things to do on Christmas Day

by Richard Tan

My family and I will be in Gold Coast from 25th to 30th Dec.

As most shops and parks will be closed on Christmas Day, what activities could we do on this day?

What a totally excellent question about things to do on Christmas Day in the Gold Coast. It is one I had not really thought about from a visitor's view before.

You are right that very few shops or businesses will be open on December 25 Christmas Day in the Gold Coast. Christmas day is also one of the few days of the year that our main attractions such as the theme parks are not open.

For many Gold Coasters and visitors it is a day to spend on the beach, by the pool or in a park. A family and friends centred day.

As a visitor to the Gold Coast it is a really excellent idea to think ahead and plan what you will do for a couple of reasons.

As many businesses are closed, you will need to consider something to do or entertain yourself. Planning a day at the beach or by the resort pool and facilities is a good option, or hiring a car and going siteseeing to the hinterland, rainforest or to other beachside locations.

If you do choose to do this sort of activity, you will need to organise your hire car ahead of time and pick it up before Christmas Day. You might be able to organise a picnic lunch from your hotel or resort to take with you on the day as you are unlikely to find many roadside cafes or businesses open for refreshments.

Or you could book a special Christmas lunch or dinner at one of the Gold Coast restaurants or hotels (or one in the hinterland and enjoy the scenic drive to the location).

In the evening you could take a drive around the suburbs to view the collection of Christmas Light displays which are bound to be lit up on this special evening.

Most importantly, you need to plan and book your meals for Christmas, unless you are staying in a large resort or hotel where the restaurants and food service are open throughout this period.

Please let me know if you have any other specific questions by leaving a comment below or contacting me directly through the contact page.

As I think other useful ideas or suggestions I will come back and update this page - as I am sure this will be an extremely useful question for many visitors to the Gold Coast during the Christmas Holiday period.


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Feb 19, 2023
No cost options for Christmas Day
by: Annie

No cost options for Christmas Day or any other public holiday where attractions are closed are of course...

The fabulous beaches of the Gold Coast.

Hire a car and drive yourself to the hinterland and do one of the nature walks.

You will need to organise these ahead of time to get the car before Christmas Day and also, organise food as you are unlikely to find any cafes or restaurants open for drop ins on Christmas Day.

Hope you have fun.

Dec 11, 2022
Non glitzy Christmas day!
by: Anonymous

We dont want to spend a fortune at the high flying restaurants..hve done that in the past..I hve a 3 month old granddaughter now and wld love suggestions for something unique to do outside the norm. Is there anything on the coast that is relaxing, not glitzy, peaceful,
Country..maybe hinterland, animals, off grid….
Wish Currumbin wildlife was open Christmas day..

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