Itinerary For 4 Full Days In Gold Coast

by TSM

Looking for assistance with itinerary for 4 full days in Gold Coast

My family will be visiting Gold Coast but we don't intend to visit all the theme parks as it'll be an overdose!

With 4 full days in Gold Coast, we're thinking of visiting 2 theme parks plus Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and maybe a day trip to Brisbane.

If there is any spare time: Harbour town, Q-deck and Pacific Fair Shopping Mall.

Do you think this itinerary is enough to occupy our 4 days there?

Can you recommend which are the 2 best theme parks to visit or any other places of interest. I have 3 boys aged 9, 13 and 15 years.

Action packed 4 day Gold Coast itinerary for sure!

Okay, firstly the theme parks here is a quick synopsis based on you having the 3 boys... First thoughts are MovieWorld and DreamWorld as there are lots of thrill rides and things to interest them.

However, if they like animals - especially things like dolphins, sharks, seals, polar bears and penguins, then Sea World could be substituted instead of DreamWorld as you can then take advantage of one of the theme park passes.

Those are the dry theme parks... if you want to get wet and go to one of the water parks, and boys LOVE those! I personally recommend Wet n Wild as it has more to offer than the other water park - Whitewater World.


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Deals for these parks change a little, so check the deals box to the left of these comments and you should find what's the best at the moment.

Each theme park will take you a whole day, so if you do 2 parks that will be two full days of your itinerary.

Parks open around 9.30am, with rides starting up at 10am and finishing approximately 5pm and gates close at 5.30pm (does vary a little, especially if there are any late night events on).

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary could keep you entertained all day too - it opens earlier and they have fantastic Wild Night adventure (now called Yanguwah Dinner and Show), which my kids loved and I think the boys would enjoy too.

Currumbin has exhibits and shows and if they love the animals there is so much to see, you also have to do quite a bit of walking. There is the Green Challenge now and you can hand feed kangaroos and emus. It is definitely worth a visit.

In the evening, on the Yanguwah Show and Wildnight Adventure (currently not available April 2013), you get to go through the park with spotlights in the dark and see the nocturnal animals. It is such a different experience too, if you can stay awake ;-)

Brisbane is also a whole day trip in my opinion. You can go on a day tour to Brisbane which can be a great way to pack in an overview of the city.

There are plenty of other options for day tours around the area, it might be worth checking out the options as something might appeal to you and the boys more.

Have you got enough in your itinerary to keep you occupied! Definitely.

You mention you have 4 full days, I am assuming you travel in on day 1, have 4 full days and then fly out on day 6. Depending upon what time your flights are, you could do some of the other items you mention on those days.

You'll want to make sure you get the photos on Surfers Paradise beach and under the Surfers Paradise arch by the beach! When you do this, you can also go to Skypoint on Q1 (Q-Deck has changed it's name!) to check out the views - you can spend as little as an hour in this activity. Also in Surfers Paradise there is a Ripley's Believe It or Not, Wax Museum and Timezone entertainment area.

Harbour Town is about 20 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise. Great for outlet and discount shopping if you want to check it out. I would allow a good couple of hours here.

I know that was a lot to cover, and a few variables into the mix depending upon what time you arrive and depart on your travel days and also which airport (Gold Coast or Brisbane) you are flying through. If I have confused you or you need any more assistance contact me personally, through my contact form and I will email you back.


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Jul 08, 2012
Itinerary Suggestions in Answer to Anonymous
by: Annie

Thanks for the question about your itinerary, firstly I think I count at least 6 days worth of activities!

MovieWorld and Wet n Wild can be done together as they are right next door, but I would put priority on MovieWorld rides and shows and maybe head to Wet n Wild only for a short time. If you are going in our winter months (June/July/August) they have earlier closing at Wet n Wild as it is a bit cooler. If it our summer holiday period they have later closing so going to Wet n Wild after Movie World can work.

Australia Zoo will be a full day trip - with the travelling to the zoo about 2 to 2.5 hours from Gold Coast and then same back again. It is possible in a day, but it is a big day.

All of the theme parks have free parking, depending on where you stay, you may get one or two parking spots with your accommodation or you may have to pay for that, especially if you are staying in Surfers Paradise.

I think you would find transfers to the attractions you want would be very expensive for your group, you will probably find it more economic to drive yourselves. I recommend East Coast Car Rentals for great value and I have found them good service.

You may want to spend the whole day at Currumbin or you could spend part of the day at Currumbin and part at Harbour Town SHopping - though they are different ends of the Gold Coast, you could possibly combine them if you wanted to add in the Australia Zoo trip.

The Brisbane Trip, you could drive yourself, but it may be better to either take the train up to Brisbane (as parking is very expensive) or maybe even take a tour.

If you need any more help, probably best you contact me directly via my email so I can answer you more personally.

Hope that helped

Jul 08, 2012
Itinerary enquiry & transport
by: Anonymous

Me and my family will go to Gold Coast for 6 days long, wish to go Australia zoo but that will be too far..
Ideally to go Currimbin Wildlife park,1day to go Sea World, another 1 day to go both Movie world and Wet "n" wild, as I have read your advice it is possible in a day. Another to Brisbane. Shopping at Harbour Town of course. Also not forget to go Mt Tamborine whr wine tasting and winery are all there.

Our group are have 11 peoples,which we may need to hire 2 cars. Wondering is that cost alot for car hire, petrol and parking fees..

Do my draft itinerary sound alright?

Feb 07, 2012
Reply to Itinerary Query
by: Annie

Annie Replies to Itinerary Query
I will quickly answer your questions about being able to do the things in one day... and then I am going to have to ask you to contact me via my contact form as there are some options for a private guide, but I wanted to find out a few things from you first before I suggest something.

Can you go to Sea World then Movie World and finish up the day at Outback Spectacular? You can, it will be hectic. Sea World and Movie World both open at 10am and close at 5pm. I would recommend you get to Sea World early so you can be inside by 10am when the rides first open. Lots of photos to be taken in SeaWorld with lots of great animals in the background. The new Penguins are a must! Ideally you could spend a whole day in Sea World, they have shows on that you might want to watch too, it is best to plan your visit around those.

It will take about 25 to 30 minutes in a car to get from Sea World to Movie World. If you are going on a weekday and not during school holidays, you will generally find the queues should not be too long - fingers crossed as there are no guarantees. Again, MovieWorld has plenty to do to keep you busy most of the day, but you can spend a few hours there and do the rides, see some characters and maybe catch the Hollywoold Stunt driver show (though that isn't on very often during the day).

Outback Spectacular must be booked, but it is right next door to MovieWorld. I think the evening shows starts at 7.30pm and doors open at 6.30pm for pre-dinner drinks and some entertainment.

You could also look at going to MovieWorld first, then Sea World and have time to get changed and head to Outback Spectacular for the evening.

Equally, DreamWorld to cover a few of the rides and take photos for a few hours and then about a 45minute drive to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. DreamWorld opens at 10am and closes at 5pm. Currumbin opens at 8am and closes around 5.30pm, but they also have an evening dinner and show in the park after hours. There is a bird feeding late in the afternoon too, which is pretty special.

Hectic, but possible for sure! Hope that helps there. And if you want to contact me use the link above and I will make some suggestions for you.


Feb 07, 2012
Itinerary query
by: Anonymous

Dear Annie, I've browsed thru your webpage and found it very useful.
However, just to re-assure, would we be able to have a one day to fulfill my trip to Seaworld, Movieworld and continue with nighttime OutBack Spectacular Show?

As for another day, possible to visit Dreamworld then proceed to Currumbin Wildlife?

We don't intend to play all the rides in those themeparks but rather enough for a few rides but lots of photo taking.

Then, possible to just arrange transportation from one people mover say a private sedan with driver for our whole 5 days 4 nites trip including airport transfers?

I get all jumbled up seeing all the various offers and having hard time to decide. But my priority is to have our own private tour guide driver which we may anytime proceed with our unplanned itinerary.

Looking forward to your favorable reply Annie!thanks in advance..:)

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