Gold Coast Without Crowds

by Paula Di trento

Hi we are wanting to visit the Gold Coast. We have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and do not have to travel in school holidays. We would like to be able to enjoy the pools and have nice warm weather. We are not a big fan of crowds either. Your help in this request would be very much appreciated. Thank you Paula

Travelling out of school holidays has many advantages including off peak flights, off peak accommodation deals and generally less crowds! As for weather! I cannot predict that! But see below for some suggestions.

School holidays differ from State to State, the holidays that mostly affect the Gold Coast are Queensland School holidays and NSW School holidays. These dates change from year to year and I do not try to keep them uptodate on this website, but check out my School holidays page and you will find links to the appropriate Australian Government official websites which keeps these dates up to date.

Personally, if you want the warm weather outside school holidays and you want to use the swimming pools at your accommodation I would choose Spring and Autumn months. Spring – September, October and November months do have some school holidays in, so check the dates and work around that. October has the new A1GP – which replaces Gold Coast Indy – and November has schoolies – which I would highly recommend you avoid with a young family.

Autumn months include March, April and May – in those months once again there are some school holidays but they are around Easter usually. Obviously later in Autumn and earlier in Spring is cooler.

Some other ideas to consider is to find accommodation with a heated indoor pool, which then opens up the opportunity for some of the winter months – June, July and August. Just a thought! You will find the crowds much less at this time of the year outside of school holidays.

If you click on each of the links for the months you will find more information about that month on the Gold Coast including expected holidays, events and weather.

I hope that was helpful. If you want to ask anything more that is related to the timing of your visit, use the comments section and I will try to add more information for you.

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