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SkyPoint Climb on Q1 Surfers Paradise

SkyPoint Climb is the latest extreme adventure on the Gold Coast which officially opened on 16 January 2012.

SkyPoint Climb Gold Coast

I love the views from the observation deck at the top of Q1, but I am still not sure I am quite game enough to step outside and walk around the new walkway and make the climb to the spire.

But then, I am a chicken when it comes to heights - just ask my sister and our exploits at Uluru (Ayers Rock) back in the day when we only made it as far as the aptly named Chicken Rock!

SkyPoint Climb is, I am told, suitable for all ages (well 12 years and upwards) and for most abilities as the climb itself is quite leisurely with plenty of stops for taking in the views and catching your breath! There is definitely something appealing at feeling the wind in your face and the views and it certainly would be memorable.

The SkyPoint Climb on Q1 takes about 90 minutes and is extremely popular. After being briefed and suited up in your safety gear on the ground you head up to Level 77 (normal Q1 Observation Deck) on the high speed lift and then out off the glass airlock and into the unknown!

The climb is essentially a round trip, climbing up a purpose built staircase (with lots of safety mechanisms) around the crown at the top of Q1 Tower. You climb up one side, with plenty of opportunity to take in the views and sights of the Gold Coast.

Your tour guide takes souvenir photos and group photos at the birds nest near the spire and then you head down the other side for another view of the Gold Coast.

At the highest point of the climb you will be about 270m above the ground.

The SkyPoint Climb can be enjoyed during daylight or for an even more interesting perspective of the Gold Coast at twilight when you will get to see some of the interesting sky colours we experience on the Gold Coast from light blues and violets through to pinks, oranges and reds as the sun sets over the inland.

Restrictions apply and there are various health and safety requirements, including (but not limited to) height over 130cms, no children under 12 years, children aged between 12 and 15 years and adults are 16 & overs, climbers must wear rubber soled closed in shoes, so no sandals or thongs etc, and no loose items.

There will be certain times such as high winds, hail storms or electrical weather storms when the climb cannot go ahead - that spire is a lightening conductor that regularly gets hit during storms! However, if it is simply raining, it will still go ahead.

Climbs are conducted throughout the day and evening from Sunday to Thursday 9am to 9pm and Friday & Saturday 9am to 8pm.

Be sure to check all the details and terms and conditions before booking.

SkyPoint Climb Online Bookings

View Q1 Gold Coast Resort & Spa in a larger map

Q1 is a residential building, but is also a resort and visitors to the Gold Coast can stay in Q1 in the luxurious apartments, enjoying the resort style facilities which include swimming pools, gymnasium, spa and theatre.

It is conveniently located close to the heart of Surfers Paradise a short walk from Cavill Mall.

When you visit Surfers Paradise you will not miss this iconic landmark. And once you have seen the blue glassed tower which is the tallest building in the Gold Coast you should be able to spot it from many other locations up and down the coast and from the hinterland too.

Q1 is located at Hamilton Street, Surfers Paradise on the corner with Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

SkyPoint Climb Video

Local Radio Station SeaFM filmed this climb on SkyPoint Surfers Paradise. I love this because Renee is obviously quite like me and not liking heights... but she manages it. You can see the amazing views in the background.

That probably made you want to stay in Q1 apartment or at least enjoy the amazing views from Q1 SkyPoint Observation Deck.


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