Common VIP Pass Questions

Frequenly Asked Questions About VIP Passes

Important Information About VIP Passes

VIP Passes are for the 3 Gold Coast theme parks: Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World & Wet n Wild. They offer Unlimited entry to all three theme parks until 30 June of the following year.

Each year, around mid-year, they bring out a new version with a slightly different name. Magic VIP Pass, Platinum VIP Pass, Gold VIP Pass and National are a few of the names that have been or are currently in use.

Deals for the passes come and go, some years they sell them for the whole year, others they just have them for a short time. And, terms and conditions change from time to time.

VIP Passes are not always the best option for visitors, there are often better value options available to holidaymakers. Check Latest Deals at Gold Coast Theme Parks for up-to-date theme park ticket and pass deals and options.

To help you select the best options for your trip, or if you need help with your itinerary or working out what to do, then the Planning Sheets & Resources is a great place to start.

VIP Pass Questions & Answers

Since the VIP Passes were first launched for the Gold Coast theme parks (Movie World, Sea World & Wet n Wild) I have been asked lots of questions which I answered on individual pages. It was getting a bit messy and confusing, so I have condensed them.

Just click on the question and the answer will be revealed, either on this page, or on another one in the website.

Can visitors from outside Australia buy VIP Pass?

This question has been asked quite a few times mostly from visitors from Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and India. The answer is the same for all countries...

YES anyone from Australia or from any other country, can buy VIP Pass when it is on sale. You don't have to be a resident or citizen of Australia.

However, it may not be your best option if you are just on a holiday.

VIP Pass is an unlimited entry pass to the 3 theme parks: Movie World, Sea World & Wet n Wild, that usually expires on 30 June following your purchase. Before you purchase a VIP Pass always check when it will expire to make sure it covers your holiday.

As I mentioned before, it may not be the best option for you, because the theme parks have other passes that have been created especially for visitors that are often cheaper or better value and cover you for your stay, rather than for up to a whole year.

To find out all the available options, combinations and deals, check the current theme park deals.

If you are just planning your holiday or itinerary and need some help, then the Travel Planning Sheets & Resources are a good place to start to help you work out what will work for you and your holiday.

Officially, you need to bring Photo ID. For Australian's can be a passport or drivers license. For overseas visitors a passport is required as a form of ID.

If you are not comfortable bringing your passport, I understand they will accept a clear, easily readable copy of your passport including the photograph section.

You only need to bring ID on the first visit,. When you visit, you will also need to either bring a filled in Season Pass Agreement form (1 for each person including children) or you can fill the form in when you get there. They take a photo of you and place it onto your VIP Pass. For all subsequent visits during the life of your VIP Pass, you just need to bring your VIP Pass.

If you need more information about the Entry Process and what is required you can read this Q&A VIP Pass Entry Questions.

The full question is: "I bought my VIP Passes for my holiday, but I had to cancel my trip. Can I sell the VIP Passes to someone else?"

The answer is...

If you read the Terms and Conditions for VIP Passes, it states you cannot sell them to other people once you have purchased them. So the answer is no, you cannot resell your VIP Pass tickets. You also cannot share your VIP Pass tickets with anyone else. They are for your use only.

However, all may not be lost. If you have travel insurance, you could check to see if the insurance covers your pre-purchased, non-refundable attraction or theme park tickets.

Travel insurance, is often overlooked, but a good travel insurance will cover many of the circumstances around a cancelled holiday, be sure to always read the fine print in your own insurance agreement to make sure you are covered.

VIP Passes are usually unlimited entry to the 3 Gold Coast theme parks that expire on 30 June. Usually the next 30 June following your purchase, but occassionally, there are promotions run during May and June making it valid until the following year's 30 June. When you purchase you should check exactly what the expiry date is.

VIP Passes are exceptionally good value. The pass prices change each year, but they are much less than the price of visiting each of the theme parks on the pass just once - and yet you can have 12 months of unlimited access to all three of the theme parks. They are usually the best option for locals who are likely to visit many times over the lifetime of the pass.

Even though it is incredible value and very flexible, if you are just holidaying in Gold Coast for a few days or even a few weeks, VIP Passes may not be your best value option. Below are a few scenarios when the VIP Passes are the best option. For all other situations, especially for a single holiday to Gold Coast, then check the Current Passes & Options.

There are a few times when the VIP Passes can be the best choice for you.

  • If you plan to visit the Gold Coast more than once before it expires - for example you may visit during September and then again in April the following year - it would probably be the most cost effective option for you.
  • If you buy the premium VIP Pass (Platinum VIP Pass) and plan to visit Sydney (or live in Sydney) and want to visit the sister water park - Wet n Wild Sydney (a seasonal water theme park in the western suburbs of Sydney that is open on select days during September through to April each year).
  • VIP Passes are great for locals too!
  • VIP Passes sometimes have promotions that include the "extra" special events run by the theme parks, that are usually after park normal hours and are an extra charge. Sometimes VIP Pass promotions can be worthwhile to visitors who might want to enjoy these events - such as White Christmas (during December) or Fright Nights (during October for Halloween). Check for Current VIP Pass Deals & Options

If you aren't sure exactly what you want to do in the Gold Coast and you are still planning your holiday or itinerary and need some help, then the Travel Planning Sheets & Resources are a good place to start.

For all Gold Coast theme parks, the age range and rules for tickets & passes for children is the same.

Infants are classified as under 3 years (0 to 2 years inclusive) and have free entry to theme parks. If your child turns 3 before you visit, you will need to make sure they have a valid ticket or pass.

All children from the age of 3 through to 13 years need a child ticket or pass.

Anyone 14 years or over, needs an adult ticket. This can trip people up, as you may think you have a child travelling with you, but for the theme parks, they need an adult ticket.

For the theme parks Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild, single visit tickets for the price of a child ticket is less than for an adult - so you need to be sure you are buying the correct ticket for each person in your family or group

When buying passes for these theme parks, the prices are generally the same regardless of whether you are buying for Adult, Child or Pensioner.

Check the current theme park deals to compare the different ticket and pass options.

VIP Passes give you unlimited general entry to the 3 theme parks: Movie World, Sea World & Wet n Wild until expiry of your pass.

General entry to each of these parks enables you to enjoy the parks and all of the included rides and attractions. In each of the theme parks, you can visit and enjoy a wide range of activities, shows and rides all for your general entry price. You can check what's included for each of the theme parks on these links:

However, there are additional options that you have to pay extra for within the parks. Examples include:

  • Food & drinks
  • Photographs
  • Souvenirs
  • Coin-operated Security Lockers
  • Premium or "Pay per Play" rides, adventures and attractions) rides
The following are some examples of Pay Per Play rides or activities you will need to pay extra for - it isn't a full list, but will give you an idea:

Pay Per Play At Sea World

  • Swim with Dolphins & Animal Adventures (Dolphin & Seal Shows included, these are behind the scenes style experiences)
  • Sea World Water Park,
  • Arcade Games
  • Sea World Helicopters -can be organised and purchased ahead of your visit.
  • Sea World Cruises - cruises during the summer months around Broadwater, shopping & lunch cruise to Sanctuary Cove or during the winter the famous Sea World Whale Watch.

Pay Per Play at Movie World

  • Hollywood Stunt Driver Experience- behind the scenes experience. Note that the show is included in your VIP Pass entry, this is just the behind the scenes experience.
  • Arcade Games

Pay Per Play at Wet n Wild

  • SkyCoaster
  • FlowRider

Annie's Personal Note About Fee Vs Free Rides At Theme Parks

Over the years, we have visited the theme parks on many occasions. During that time, we have only paid for extra activities a handful of times. Obviously, we buy food and drinks, the occassional photo or souvenir and use the coin-operated lockers. However, the rides and extra activities are optional extras.

Other than food and drinks, most of the time, we don't spend any extra money once we are in the theme parks and enjoy all the included activities). I encourage you to check out the links above to see what is included and I think you will find most of those rides and activities you have heard about are included.

So, in essence, you can purchase a theme park pass (VIP or other type) and enjoy the theme parks without having to spend extra money on the "premium" rides and attractions. Of course, if you want to that is great, but you certainly don't have to, to get your moneys worth.

The full question is: "I'm travelling in July and the current VIP Passes for sale expire on 30 June. Do you know what will happen after 30 June? Will the VIP Pass be extended past this date?"

The answer to this very common VIP Pass Question from around May onwards is...

VIP Passes are a promotional pass, which are offered for sale either for the whole or for part of the year. In recent years, they have been available all year round, with several special packages at various points.

The theme parks reset and launch their new passes each year around about June. This makes it quite tricky for visitors who are coming for the June/July school holidays.

Unfortunately, I don't have a crystal ball, so I cannot say exactly what they will offer, or whether they will replace the current year's VIP Pass with a new one for the following year. However, the chances are there will be something similar.

I have noticed that the theme parks are starting to get better at this transition period. So, I suggest you keep an eye on our current theme park deals page to check out all the options when they are released.

In general, for holiday makers just visiting the Gold Coast once off and not likely to return within before expiry of the VIP Pass, this may not be the best option.

There may be better cheaper or value options that will be better for what you want to do on your holiday. Check the theme park deals page for all the current options available including a description and suggestions for holidaymakers.

If are still at the stage of planning your holiday and you aren't sure exactly what you want to do in the Gold Coast, then the Travel Planning Sheets & Resources are a good place to start.

Other Common VIP Pass Questions Answered on Other Pages

Latest Deals

Here's a selection of the hot deals at the moment. For a full selection including accommodation, activities, transport, tours, packages and more check out my main selection of deals or specific theme park deals check out Theme Park Passes ...

3 days of Entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint Observation Deck within 7 consecutive days.

Plenty of time to visit these theme parks & Surfers Paradise attraction SkyPoint Observation Deck for up to 3 full days at your leisure over the 7 days.

Adult | Child (3 to 13 years)


Use within 12 months of purchase date.

Entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint over 3 days within 7 consecutive days from first gate entry.

Check for special bonuses.


Visit Sea World, Movie World and Wet n Wild once each over 5 consecutive days.

Big savings over single entry tickets and online prices are cheaper than at the gate.

Adult | Child (3 to 13 years)

Cheapest option for Village Theme Park Passes

Pass valid for single entry to each of the theme parks Sea World, Movie World & Wet n Wild over 5 consecutive days.

Cheapest way for entry to 2 or more theme parks.

Pass is valid for first use within 12 months from purchase.

Spend a few hours or a whole day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Watch the shows. Hand feed the kangaroos. Get your photo taken with a koala. There's so much to see and do. Check out all the information about Currumbin and other activities.

TOP PICK for visitors who want to see, touch and get photos with some iconic Aussie animals.

| Child (3 to 13 years) | Family (2A+2Ch)

Single Day Entry Ticket To Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Includes shows, excludes food for animals, photos with animals and other extra activities.

Follow links for all pricing including special limited time deals and family options.

Popular with families

Great evening of entertainment. Enjoy a story of Australian outback life showcasing horsemanship & Aussie mateship.

Watch the show whilst enjoying your 3 course dinner. Fun night with lots of great memories and a souvenir bushman's hat.

Prices from $99.99

Book now for all shows.

Child, Vegetarian & Halal meal options available.

MUST SEE Dinner & Show. 


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